Ladder Accidents

Often, construction workers rely on ladders, scaffolding or aerial lifts to quickly move between floors on a large project. If that equipment is unsafe, improperly assembled or lacking the necessary safety features, falls from height can lead to serious injuries. If you have suffered a construction site injury, contact any of our New York offices as soon as possible.

The Queens ladder accident attorneys at Daniella Levi & Associates, P.C., have extensive experience guiding clients through the process of monetary compensation following a work accident. Whether we are pursuing workers' compensation or filing a third-party lawsuit, clients rely on us for aggressive, dedicated representation.

Bronx Ladder Fall Injury Attorneys

Due to the reliance of ladders and the quick pace that construction work moves at, it is not uncommon for workers to suffer a fall from height. There are numerous factors that might lead to a ladder accident, including:

  • Faulty material in the construction of the ladder
  • Unstable ladder rungs
  • Metal fatigue
  • Using ladder on an unsecured surface
  • Lack of safety harnesses

A ladder fall can result in broken bones, multiple lacerations, back strain, head injuries or spinal cord damage. Any of these injuries can lead to lost wages, exorbitant medical bills and financial peril. Contact a lawyer at our firm to learn more about your options for monetary compensation.

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