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Even an elevator tragedy didn't motivate lawmakers

You might recall that on New Year's Eve, an elevator accident took the life of a young man on the Lower East Side. The 25-year-old was in an elevator when it stalled between the second and third floors of an apparently building.

New rule aims to keep customers safe from carbon monoxide in NY

Whether a grocery store, department store, office complex or hospital, businesses are required to provide those that enter their buildings with a safe environment. There are a number of regulations and ordinances in place designed to help better ensure that patrons are properly protected. The Department of State recently passed an additional measure to offer further protection.

Girl gets $15 million after foot mangled by escalator

The Everly Brothers, Elvis and Perry Como topped the charts back when the escalator was installed in a shopping mall just 25 miles from Queens. The escalator was one of the oldest in the country by the time of an accident three years ago in which a 10-year-old girl's foot was caught and mangled.

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