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Maintaining elevators and escalators is crucial for safety

Elevators and escalators are convenient ways to get from one floor to another. In many cases, such as in high rise buildings and hospitals, these elevators are crucial because people who need to get up to upper floors or down from them might not be able to do so easily without the elevators and escalators. As convenient as they are, escalators and elevators also come with some risks.

Can lack of security lead to injuries?

At any public event or place, keeping people who are there safe should be a top priority. When the organizers of an event or the owners of a business don't make security a priorty, it is possible that people who are there could be injured. People who are injured because of lax security can opt to seek compensation for those injuries.

Dream trip to nightmare: Gator attack raises liability questions

Family vacations are supposed to be adventures. These trips are where memories are made. From the flat tire that had to be fixed in the middle of nowhere to the time little Jimmy got car sick all over his sister. These moments may seem miserable at the time, but they are the fodder for stories around holiday tables for years to come.

Car insurance coverage... what insurance companies don't want you to know.. and everyone should know

If you are like most people, you did not read the declaration pages of your car insurance policy, and therefore, there is a good likelihood that you are not carrying a sufficient amount of insurance. Well, you should read it!

Stairways must meet certain requirements

Stairways pose a unique hazard for people who traverse them because of the uneven surface. All stairways must meet certain requirements in order to meet the building codes. When any of the requirements aren't present, it is possible for someone using the stairs to fall and suffer an injury.

Social media posts - What everyone should be aware of

It has been estimated that Americans spend 20 percent of their free time on social media. When posting on social media, you should always remain aware that when posting, you are providing an opportunity for persons with adverse interests to yours to learn the most intimate information about you.

Falls on sidewalks can lead to very serious injuries

Walking on the sidewalk is something that most of us do without any thought. For some people, walking on the sidewalk turns into a huge mistake because they end up having an accident due to a hazardous condition. We know that you never expected to end up injured because you decide to walk somewhere. When that does happen, you need to be aware of your right to seek compensation.

What you should know about slip-and-falls

Most people fall at least once in a while. At times, falls happen when a person isn't paying attention to the environment around them and as a result they lose their footing. Some falls happen to people who have a medical condition that affects their concentration or balance. Most of the time falls that happen for these reasons do not qualify for slip and fall personal injury insurance claims. However, if the reason for your fall can be directly connected to some mismanagement of property by the property owner, it is possible that you will be able to gain compensation for your injuries.

4-year-old boy falls 50 feet down service elevator shaft

The most expensive parking garage at Park Slope's in Brooklyn, New York, was the site of a horrifying tragedy on May 26, after a 4-year-old fell down a service elevator shaft. It's estimated that the boy fell 50 feet to his death.

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