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Elevators and escalators hold extra danger for children

Elevators and escalators are an incredible modern convenience, but they can also be harmful or even deadly, especially to children. Children often do not have a healthy concept of the dangers inherent in these enormous, powerful machines, and are more vulnerable than adults to being harmed by one through misuse or because it is malfunctioning.

Drone crashes, causes injury, leads to premises liability case

We've all seen those striking aerial photos floating around the Internet. In some cases, these pictures are taken with a drone. The drone is equipped with a camera and flown over the desired location or subject, taking a picture from a unique perspective.

Stairwell safety is the property owner’s responsibility

Falling down a flight of stairs is as terrifying as it is dangerous. Worse, such a fall can result in severe injuries that require a great deal of time in recovery. In some cases, stairwell fall accidents can even result in death. Research into slips and falls on stairways indicate that the majority of these falls occur when people are descending. In fact, some research indicates that falling on stairs and steps is the leading cause of death in slip-and-fall accidents.

Ultimate fighter down for the count following elevator accident

Elevator and escalator accidents can happen to anyone, including well-known athletes. Ultimate Fighting Championship, also known as UFC, contender, C.B. Dollaway, knows this better than most following an injury he received in a hotel elevator on September, 9. Reportedly, the fighter suffered a back injury during the elevator incident. Several other individuals were also stuck in the elevator when the incident occurred, but Dollaway was the only one to report an injury.

Issues with stairs can lead to trips, slips and falls

When it comes to stairs, most people are very careful as they go up and down. There are some hazards that can make it more likely that a person will fall while he or she is using the stairs. Generally, the reasons for falls on stairs can be divided into two categories -- obstacles and environmental factors.

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