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Do “close” buttons in elevators actually do anything?

You’re in a real hurry to get somewhere, so the first thing you do when you get into the elevator is hit the “close” button. It’s something a great many people do every day. However, will hitting this button actually do anything to help you get to your destination faster? The answer is likely no.

Preventing sidewalk accidents and falls in autumn and winter

The autumn and winter seasons in New York City are undeniably beautiful. For many residents, these are their favorite times of the year. In spite of their beauty, the cool seasons pose a number of hazards to residents and visitors to the city. In the winter, the presence of snow, freezing rain and ice can make sidewalks slippery. In the fall, rain combined with falling leaves can also result in slippery sidewalks.

Infant killed in elevator shaft accident

Inside a New York high-rise building plagued with elevator violations, a 6-week-old infant girl was killed on Thursday, Oct. 13. The mother of the baby simply walked into the elevator pushing the child's stroller when the door opened, but the elevator was not there. Instead, the car had become stuck between the floors beneath them and the two fell down the shaft onto the car's roof. The mother landed on top of the baby, crushing her to death.

Who is responsible for keeping New York sidewalks safe?

Most New Yorkers expect the city's sidewalks to remain safe for pedestrians. However, New York City is a big place and the task of maintaining and repairing so many walkways is monumental. The city readily assumes its share of the responsibility and is always engaged in safety and maintenance activities on city-owned sidewalks and residential sidewalks.

Negligent security and premises liability in New York

When New Yorkers set out to run an errand or visit a friend, personal safety is usually not a big worry. Most premises appear to be safe with smooth pavement, unbroken steps and other measures. However, there is a chance you might not be as protected as you believe you are on another party's premises. One little-known area of concern is inadequate or outright negligent premises security.

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