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Handrails can play a key role in preventing falls

Older individuals can be susceptible to falls. Seniors can suffer serious injuries when they fall. There are many things that can impact a senior's fall risk in a certain area. One is the handrail situation in that area. Properly placed handrails are among the things that can help seniors avoid falls during activities such as walking and going from floor to floor.

Take action if you were injured on Black Friday

Black Friday is the one day of the year when shopping is especially dangerous. People turn out in droves to purchase items on their wishlist at incredible discounts, and the desire to get those deals sometimes brings out the worst in people. Pushing, shoving and serious disorder during these sales can lead to accidents that cause injuries.

Know your options for seeking compensation after a fall

The autumn and winter months are dangerous times to walk on sidewalks. We discussed this issue in our previous blog post. When hazards of the season, or any other hazards, aren't cleared from the walkways in a suitable manner, it is possible that people can fall and get hurt. If you are injured in a fall on a sidewalk, you might opt to seek compensation for the injuries. We can help you to explore your options for doing this.

Staying safe when out shopping on Black Friday

Black Friday is now just a few days away. This day sees large numbers of shoppers stream to stores throughout the country to do their holiday shopping and to take advantage of the Black Friday specials stores offer.

How security personnel respond to panics matters

One of the important roles security personnel can play is responding when events occur which could impact the safety of people in the area they are working security in. One example of such an event is a crowd panicking. In such a panic, security workers may be able to help calm things down and keep people safe.

Visiting choir gets quite a scare aboard New York City elevator

Soaring skyscrapers are one of the defining and most iconic aspects of the New York City skyline. In these towering structures, elevators are one of the main ways from getting from floor to floor. Most elevator trips in New York City skyscrapers go without incident. Unfortunately though, occasionally, something goes wrong with a skyscraper elevator. Last week, a school group from another state had a rather scary experience aboard an elevator in one of New York City's best-known skyscrapers: the Empire State Building.

The benefits of taking the stairs

The decisions we make can have some pretty big impacts. This includes decisions that seem, on their face, pretty minor. Take, for example, a decision that comes before many people during the course of a day: whether to take the elevator or use the stairs.

What can parents do to help keep their child safe on escalators?

Young children may find escalators to be a very exciting way to get from one place to another. However, escalators can pose dangers to kids under certain circumstances. Certain things could put a child at risk of falling or getting caught while on an escalator. Such accidents could severely harm a child.

A world without stairs?

Stairs are a common feature in many buildings here in New York. While stairs have many things going for them as a way to get from one floor to another, they are certainly not without their downsides. Examples of some of the more negative aspects of stairs are that:

The mental and emotional benefits of walking

Walking has numerous benefits. For one, it can be a very good way to get physical exercise. Research indicates that the upsides of walking are not just limited to the physical, however. Studies have pointed to walking yielding several different types of mental and emotional benefits.

The many causes of indoor slip-and-fall accidents

As one of our New York City readers, there's a good chance that your own two feet are your primary mode of transportation. Unfortunately, there are times when pedestrians are involved in a serious accident that leads to injury or even death.

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