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Visiting choir gets quite a scare aboard New York City elevator

Soaring skyscrapers are one of the defining and most iconic aspects of the New York City skyline. In these towering structures, elevators are one of the main ways from getting from floor to floor. Most elevator trips in New York City skyscrapers go without incident. Unfortunately though, occasionally, something goes wrong with a skyscraper elevator. Last week, a school group from another state had a rather scary experience aboard an elevator in one of New York City's best-known skyscrapers: the Empire State Building.

What can parents do to help keep their child safe on escalators?

Young children may find escalators to be a very exciting way to get from one place to another. However, escalators can pose dangers to kids under certain circumstances. Certain things could put a child at risk of falling or getting caught while on an escalator. Such accidents could severely harm a child.

Do “close” buttons in elevators actually do anything?

You’re in a real hurry to get somewhere, so the first thing you do when you get into the elevator is hit the “close” button. It’s something a great many people do every day. However, will hitting this button actually do anything to help you get to your destination faster? The answer is likely no.

Infant killed in elevator shaft accident

Inside a New York high-rise building plagued with elevator violations, a 6-week-old infant girl was killed on Thursday, Oct. 13. The mother of the baby simply walked into the elevator pushing the child's stroller when the door opened, but the elevator was not there. Instead, the car had become stuck between the floors beneath them and the two fell down the shaft onto the car's roof. The mother landed on top of the baby, crushing her to death.

Elevators and escalators hold extra danger for children

Elevators and escalators are an incredible modern convenience, but they can also be harmful or even deadly, especially to children. Children often do not have a healthy concept of the dangers inherent in these enormous, powerful machines, and are more vulnerable than adults to being harmed by one through misuse or because it is malfunctioning.

Ultimate fighter down for the count following elevator accident

Elevator and escalator accidents can happen to anyone, including well-known athletes. Ultimate Fighting Championship, also known as UFC, contender, C.B. Dollaway, knows this better than most following an injury he received in a hotel elevator on September, 9. Reportedly, the fighter suffered a back injury during the elevator incident. Several other individuals were also stuck in the elevator when the incident occurred, but Dollaway was the only one to report an injury.

Even small points matter in personal injury claims

In our previous blog post, we discussed a case that involved a young boy who was injured on an escalator. If you recall, his parents have opted to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the shoes the boy was wearing, as well as against the resort where the incident occurred. That case brings up one important consideration about personal injury claims -- there can often be more than one party that is held liable for the injuries.

Shoe manufacturer and resort sued for escalator injury

Escalator safety is something that any business that has them installed must take seriously. There are several different things that can happen that can cause a person who is using an escalator to become injured. One of these is if something gets stuck in one of the escalator components. That is what happened to a 2-year-old boy who was visiting a Hilton hotel with his family.

What stops an elevator from plunging to the ground?

When get into an elevator, you are putting your trust in a system of components. As long as these components are working properly, you won't have any problems. If a component fails, you might end up having an elevator accident.

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