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Falling objects are a serious hazard on construction sites

Objects dropped from work sites injured more than 52,000 people in the past year, according to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. That averages to about 143 people a day or one person every ten minutes reporting an injury due to an object falling on them.

Falling objects can cause injury to those passing by

In large cities, it is sometimes possible for objects in construction areas or near businesses to fall and injure someone, the borough of Queens in New York City being a prime example. Often in these construction sites, power tools, building materials and heavy equipment are in use and, much of the time, it is not at ground level. That means construction workers and anyone walking by may be in danger of serious injury.

Woman killed by fallen stone

Some New York residents may identify with a fatal accident that occurred on Sept. 4. A 34-year-old woman in Chicago died after a stone from a historic church fell from 30 feet above onto her head. The victim worked at Lurie's Children's Hospital and was planning to marry her boyfriend, who was with her when the incident occurred.

Dancer dies from head injury caused by falling object

New York City is known as a place for aspiring artists and performers to follow their ambitions. The performing arts aren't generally known for being dangerous areas of work, but all of the rigging and equipment on stages could create danger if it's not properly maintained or secured.

New York's Scaffold Law has roots in construction site safety

Construction sites are full of activity. Between large trucks being moved around and cranes hoisting large objects high above the ground, construction workers have a lot to be aware of. Although workers must exercise caution on work sites, they also deserve to be protected from the dangers associated with modern construction. This idea was the basis for New York's Scaffold Law, which was enacted nearly 130 years ago.

Pedestrians injured by unstable construction fence in New York

Many people view ongoing construction as a sign of progress. Even though the rise of construction projects is often linked to a growing economy, builders must take steps to ensure that construction sites are secured. In a bustling and congested city, like New York, safety is especially important, since people are almost always likely to be nearby.

New York concertgoer sues venue for brain injury, sparse security

New York City is known to have one of the most active and innovative music scenes in the country, if not the world. This gives local residents the opportunity to attend a concert on any given night of the week. One New York man's expectations for a spontaneous night of fun at a concert came to a quick -- and unexpected -- end.

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