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Old fuel tanks place workers and residents at risk for explosions

A recent accident in New York involving an old fuel tank underscores the inherent risk of explosions associated with moving fuel tanks. The explosion occurred as one tank was being moved from behind a privately-owned home in Hastings-on-Hudson. Two men were killed, and dangerous flames rose into the sky. Area residents wary of additional explosions and hazards. 

Unauthorized digging near gas line causes severe burn injuries

Operating digging equipment in the vicinity of gas lines in New York and elsewhere is extremely dangerous, as proved in an explosion that recently occurred in another state. Prior to digging operations in areas where utility lines are present, contractors typically have to get clearance from utility companies. Hitting a gas line -- even if it is unintentional -- may lead to explosions and devastating burn injuries to accident victims.

Investigation into gas line explosion, fire continues

New York residents will be aware of a recent explosion in the East Village that injured 22 people. The explosion created a serious fire and left the scene in ruins. Before the fire was contained, three apartment buildings were leveled. The investigation into the incident is ongoing, but preliminary evidence suggests that a gas line in the building may have been improperly accessed.

Manhole explosions place New York City residents at risk

The brutal winter that has plagued many areas of the country has created unique problems for New York City. Winter conditions have caused an increase in fires and explosions of manhole covers throughout the city, causing injuries. In 2014, there were 2,100 manhole explosions. So far in 2015, there have been 1,000. 

If suffering from burn injuries, know where to turn for help

Burn injuries from a fire or explosion can have a significant physical and financial impact on a New York victim and family. When burn injuries affect your ability to work or care for yourself, or if they cause physical disfigurement, it is time to contact an experienced personal injury attorney in order to understand your potential legal options. Our team can determine if you have a case, and they will seek the full and fair amount of compensation you deserve. 

Burn, electrocution and explosion injury lawsuits in New York

New York is home to some of the world's most ambitious construction projects, and New Yorkers are likely familiar with the sight of huge pieces of machinery being moved from one location to another. While jobs on these projects are often coveted, they can also be extremely hazardous. Those employed in construction or other forms of heavy industry are exposed to risks that workers in other fields do not face, and accidents involving fires, explosions or electricity cause some of the most serious injuries suffered by these workers.

Unsafe conditions may result in burn injuries

New York residents may wonder what happens if they are injured in a fire in a public place, a hotel or an establishment serving hot drinks. In each instance, the individual may suffer trauma due to burns, which may require long-term treatment as well as surgery and rehabilitation. The physical and financial cost of burn injuries may be daunting.

Explosion at New York museum injuries 3

One volunteer and two employees suffered injuries while working at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York City. The incident happened about 11:30 a.m. on July 8. The museum was already closed because of a power outage, but after a “transformer incident,” the museum decided to close for the rest of the day.

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