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Negligent maintenance leads to big settlement for tenants

New York readers may be interested to know that a judge has recently ruled in favor of tenants who filed a lawsuit against their landlord. The premises liability suit claimed that the apartment building's units were unsafe and placed those living in them at an increased risk for injury and harm. The complainants were awarded more than $2 million for damages caused by negligent maintenance.

Claim may be an option if negligent maintenance leads to injury

If you have been injured while shopping, out in a public place or even while visiting another person's home because the property was not safe, you may have legal options. It can be incredibly frustrating to face an unexpected financial burden because of another person's negligent maintenance, but a civil claim may be an appropriate way to address this situation. A premises liability claim against the New York property owner or manager could result in compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other associated losses. 

Are you a victim of the negligent maintenance of a vehicle?

If you were injured in an accident caused by an unsafe car, you may be a victim of the negligent maintenance of a vehicle. An individual car owner or New York company may be financially responsible for the damages caused by a dangerous vehicle. After an accident, it can be hard to determine what factors caused the accident or if other parties may be liable for any damages, but an experienced lawyer can evaluate the case and determine if you have a claim based on negligent maintenance. 

How long do you have to file a premises liability claim?

If considering a premises liability or injury claim, it is important to act quickly. After an accident, an injured party could risk losing available legal options if he or she allows the statute of limitations to expire. A statute of limitations provides a deadline within which a particular legal claim must be initiated. When there is concern regarding the validity or timeline of a possible premises liability claim, it is best to seek an evaluation from an attorney. 

Establishing negligent maintenance in a civil claim

Negligent maintenance and poor property conditions may be the cause of what initially seems to be a simple accident on property belonging to another party. Essentially, private or commercial property owners could be financially liable if certain hazards endanger the well being of someone lawfully on the property. Establishing negligent maintenance as the reason for an injury may be challenging, but it is possible to provide evidence and documentation in order to secure a successful outcome to a premises liability claim. 

New York laws regarding negligence and premises liability

Negligence may be confusing to some people because of its broad definition. A negligent act occurs when a person causes indirect or direct harm or injury to another person. This could occur when a hotel does not warn its guests about freshly waxed floors or does not properly maintain railing along stairs.

Property owners' responsibility for guest safety

In the state of New York, property owners have a legal obligation to maintain their premises and protect their guests from being injured by avoidable hazards. Based on their reason for visiting the property, guests are considered invitees, licensees or trespassers. Depending on which category of guest they are dealing with, property owners owe a certain degree of responsibility for the guest's safety.

New York City law would increase tenants' rights

A bill being presented by three New York City Council members is aiming to compel landlords to fix underlying conditions that cause problems like mold in apartment buildings. In January 2013, a law was passed that required landlords to fix underlying issues that resulted in mold on walls and ceilings. However, only 69 buildings have been targeted since the law passed, and lawmakers say that there are only enough resources to target about 50 buildings a year with underlying issues orders.

New York property agreements governed by explicit liability laws

New York property managers, service firms and building maintenance contractors may attempt to protect themselves from being held liable for their actions or incidents related to the premises they maintain. Although these parties may request that their tenants and patrons agree to official indemnity contracts as a condition of using their services, individuals or companies that rely on self-exempting clauses don't necessarily have the legal grounds to escape liability.

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