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Drone crashes, causes injury, leads to premises liability case

We've all seen those striking aerial photos floating around the Internet. In some cases, these pictures are taken with a drone. The drone is equipped with a camera and flown over the desired location or subject, taking a picture from a unique perspective.

Dream trip to nightmare: Gator attack raises liability questions

Family vacations are supposed to be adventures. These trips are where memories are made. From the flat tire that had to be fixed in the middle of nowhere to the time little Jimmy got car sick all over his sister. These moments may seem miserable at the time, but they are the fodder for stories around holiday tables for years to come.

New rule aims to keep customers safe from carbon monoxide in NY

Whether a grocery store, department store, office complex or hospital, businesses are required to provide those that enter their buildings with a safe environment. There are a number of regulations and ordinances in place designed to help better ensure that patrons are properly protected. The Department of State recently passed an additional measure to offer further protection.

Bronx man dies in elevator after authorities fail to fix it

More details have emerged about the breakdown in communication that seems to have led to the death of an elderly Bronx man in an elevator accident late last year. A report by WCBS-TV suggests that the New York Public Housing Authority failed to take a complaint that the elevator needed repairs seriously enough.

Injured in public? A premises liability claim may be an option.

When a New York resident is in public or visits privately owned property, that individual likely assumes that the premises are safe. Property owners are responsible for the safety and well being of anyone who visits their property, which means they may be liable for any damages caused by unsafe conditions. If you were injured due to unsafe conditions, you could benefit from a premises liability claim.

Elevator accident leads to serious injury for Brooklyn woman

Following a serious elevator accident that left a New York woman with permanent and disfiguring injuries, a jury found an elevator mechanic guilty of criminal charges related to the incident. The mechanic was accused of using a shortcut when repairing the elevator, which led to the accident and subsequent injuries. The repairman could spend up to seven years in prison for his role in the elevator accident. 

Winter storm Juno may lead to more premises liability claims

As winter storm Juno swept across New York and other parts of the Northeast, it left behind piles of snow and the possibility for premises liability claims. New York residents know that it is common for snow and ice to accumulate on sidewalks in the winter, but it may not be as commonly known that private property owners could be at least partially responsible for slip-and-fall accidents. When a person is injured on a sidewalk or driveway, the injured victim may consider filing a premises liability claim. 

Res ipsa loquitor and premises liability

In a New York premises liability case, a plaintiff may not be able to conclusively prove that a defendant's negligence caused an injury. However, there may be enough circumstantial evidence available to lead to that conclusion. In such a case, a plaintiff would be establishing his or her case through the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur, a Latin phrase that can be translated to "the thing speaks for itself.

Governmental premises liability

Numerous people suffer personal injury every year due to conditions on public property in New York. People who are injured may be unaware that they might be able to recover damages for any injuries received from the governmental agency that owns the property.

Elevator accidents can cause injuries and death

Many people in New York City use elevators everyday without thinking about the potential risks. If an elevator is poorly maintained, occupants could be exposed to hazards that could lead to injury and death. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 27 people die in elevator accidents every year while 10,200 people suffer from nonfatal elevator injuries.

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