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Problems can sometimes come up in connection to sidewalk sheds

Things designed to help with one type of safety problem can sometimes give rise to their own unique problems. Take sidewalk sheds for example. These structures, also referred to as sidewalk scaffolding, can play a very important role in keeping pedestrians safe from falling objects when construction is being done on a building or there is a significant problem with a building’s facade. Given how harmful falling object accidents can be, preventing them can be critical.

Slip-and-fall accidents and the statute of limitations

While some people in New York are looking forward to a winter wonderland during this holiday season, they must keep in mind that ice and snow pose dangers not just to drivers on the roadways, but also to pedestrians walking on the streets and sidewalks. One slip-and-fall accident can lead to serious injuries, perhaps necessitating a lengthy hospital stay and extensive rehabilitation.

Moving walkways: The future of urban transportation?

Anyone who regularly travels by air has likely encountered their share of moving sidewalks. However, outside of airports and a few other contexts, these walkways aren't a major part of everyday transportation. Might this change in the future?

Know your options for seeking compensation after a fall

The autumn and winter months are dangerous times to walk on sidewalks. We discussed this issue in our previous blog post. When hazards of the season, or any other hazards, aren't cleared from the walkways in a suitable manner, it is possible that people can fall and get hurt. If you are injured in a fall on a sidewalk, you might opt to seek compensation for the injuries. We can help you to explore your options for doing this.

Staying safe when out shopping on Black Friday

Black Friday is now just a few days away. This day sees large numbers of shoppers stream to stores throughout the country to do their holiday shopping and to take advantage of the Black Friday specials stores offer.

The mental and emotional benefits of walking

Walking has numerous benefits. For one, it can be a very good way to get physical exercise. Research indicates that the upsides of walking are not just limited to the physical, however. Studies have pointed to walking yielding several different types of mental and emotional benefits.

Preventing sidewalk accidents and falls in autumn and winter

The autumn and winter seasons in New York City are undeniably beautiful. For many residents, these are their favorite times of the year. In spite of their beauty, the cool seasons pose a number of hazards to residents and visitors to the city. In the winter, the presence of snow, freezing rain and ice can make sidewalks slippery. In the fall, rain combined with falling leaves can also result in slippery sidewalks.

Who is responsible for keeping New York sidewalks safe?

Most New Yorkers expect the city's sidewalks to remain safe for pedestrians. However, New York City is a big place and the task of maintaining and repairing so many walkways is monumental. The city readily assumes its share of the responsibility and is always engaged in safety and maintenance activities on city-owned sidewalks and residential sidewalks.

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