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The many causes of indoor slip-and-fall accidents

As one of our New York City readers, there's a good chance that your own two feet are your primary mode of transportation. Unfortunately, there are times when pedestrians are involved in a serious accident that leads to injury or even death.

Slip-and-falls: third-party claims

There are several ways that people are injured either at work or in the process of doing their job. When this happens, most people think to talk to their employer about filing a workers' compensation claim, especially if the injury affects their ability to continue to do their job at full capacity. But sometimes, a workers' comp claim is not the only recourse that the employee has. One of these scenarios includes slip and falls personal injury claims against a third party, which can often be pursued along with a workers' compensation claim.

What you should know about slip-and-falls

Most people fall at least once in a while. At times, falls happen when a person isn't paying attention to the environment around them and as a result they lose their footing. Some falls happen to people who have a medical condition that affects their concentration or balance. Most of the time falls that happen for these reasons do not qualify for slip and fall personal injury insurance claims. However, if the reason for your fall can be directly connected to some mismanagement of property by the property owner, it is possible that you will be able to gain compensation for your injuries.

Banana Peel Challenge illustrates dangers of slip-and-fall accidents

It's meant to be a joke. A new craze taking over the Internet involves teens testing out just how slippery a banana peel can be. The answer: pretty darn slippery. Law school students throughout the country can agree with this sentiment as almost every student learns about slip-and-fall cases through the study of a classic case involving a banana peel and an unsuspecting patron at a train station. Unfortunately, the banana peel incident in this case does not end in laughter - and if teens aren't careful with this new craze the currently popular #bananapeelchallenge could become a not so fun #traumaticbraininjury.

Hospitals in New York and slip-and-fall accidents

New York hospitals and health care facilities have the obligation to provide safe environments for patients. When patients are not properly monitored, floors are unsafe and patients are over medicated, slip-and-fall accidents can occur and injuries are possible. Dangerous facility conditions or negligent care are unacceptable, and steps should be taken to sufficiently protect patient safety. 

Slip-and-fall accidents in New York housing

Recently, a lawsuit filed against the City of New York Department of Housing Preservation and Development alleged that the department placed tenants in harm's way because of certain unsafe conditions. The woman who filed the lawsuit claims that a particular issue with the building was properly reported several times. The department failed to fix the problem and possibly contributed to a woman's injuries, as well as placed tenants at risk for slip-and-fall accidents and other dangerous situations.

Premises liability claim follows elderly shopper's trip and fall

When residents of Queens County are injured in trip and fall accidents, it can wreak havoc in their lives. Any fall can cause injuries that may have life-changing consequences. These accidents can happen just about anywhere, from grocery stores and supermarkets to parking lots and walkways. Property owners must provide safe surroundings for any person that is lawfully on their property. Failing to maintain property appropriately may lead to premises liability claims being filed against property owners.

Restaurant explosion could lead to premises liability claims

A massive explosion rocked New York City's East Village on Thursday afternoon. Initial reports indicated that 25 people were injured in the blast, but, as the site continues to be cleared, more victims may be found. It was reported that the explosion was caused when a gas line was hit by construction workers who were doing renovations in a sushi restaurant. The explosion caused a devastating fire that caused the collapse of the five-story building and two adjacent buildings on Second Avenue. A disaster, such as this one, that results in injuries to so many victims could also result in a number of premises liability claims.

Slip and fall accidents a major risk for average Americans

Many New York residents are unaware of the risk of slip and fall accidents they face every day. From dangerous floor conditions in stores to stairwell hazards, slip and fall accidents are one of the leading causes of accidents. Approximately 8 million people visit emergency rooms every year because of injuries sustained in falls. 

Slip-and-fall injuries at retail establishments

New York residents who have been injured while shopping at a store may be interested in the law surrounding premises liability. Depending on the actions or inaction of the store owner, they may have been negligent in leaving the hazardous area unattended. Whether caused by a wet floor or a torn carpet, slip-and-fall injuries are a common type of claim by shoppers. A person who is injured due to a slip and fall at a retail store may be able to file a premises liability claim against the store owner.

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