Meet Your NYC Legal Team

After a serious accident, many people are in desperate need for the financial support that comes from a successful result of their personal injury claim. To ensure that you have the best chance at obtaining the compensation you deserve, your lawyer should be just as invested in your case as you are.

At Daniella Levi & Associates, P.C., headquartered in New York City, we believe strongly in upholding the rights of accident victims. We are dedicated advocates for each one of our clients, fighting, using every available resource, to obtain the compensation they deserve.

What Makes Us Different?

Most accident attorneys know the law, and many have a fair amount of experience. While both of these characteristics are important in a lawyer, they constitute only a part of what it takes to ensure a good experience.

At our law firm, we provide personal attention from a team of dedicated professionals, aggressive advocacy, open communication and caring guidance. We know how stressful it can be to seek legal guidance while you are already facing serious physical and financial challenges. We do what it takes to carry the burden for you.

We use a team approach

We believe in the power of teamwork, which is why every client of ours has an entire team of attorneys, paralegals, investigators and support staff working on his or her case. We have found that working in teams gives our clients the best chance at a favorable outcome.

You will know your team

At our firm, you will not meet your attorneys for the first time when your case is halfway over, or even possibly later. In fact, you will meet your entire team during your free consultation, and you will always speak to one of them when you call.

We work efficiently

We know how important it is to resolve your case quickly. We do not waste time when working toward a settlement. We strive to keep your case moving forward constantly. We are proactive,
not reactive.

We are aggressive

We want what is best for you. To us, that means doing whatever it takes to get maximum compensation. We never hesitate to spend money on behalf of our clients if it means improving their
chances of success.

Daniella Levi - Personal Injury Lawyer NYC

Daniella Levi

Principal Attorney

Daniella Levi is an experienced attorney who has dedicated her legal career to helping injured persons by specializing in the prosecution of Personal Injury cases with a focus on slip and fall, automobile accidents, constructions/labor law accidents, worker’s compensation and medical malpractice.

Ms. Levi has successfully obtained substantial compensation packages worth tens of millions of dollars for her clients both through trying cases in court and getting substantial verdicts as well as through out of court settlements, mediations and arbitrations.

Eli Levy - NY Personal Injury Lawyer

Eli Levi

Personal Injury Attorney

Eliyahu “Eli” Levi is Daniella’s son and has been working with his mother since he was attending law school. Eli received his undergraduate degree from Baruch College, City University of New York and afterwards attended Daniella’s alma mater, St. John’s Law School, and obtained his Juris Doctor degree in 2016. Eli then entered the field of personal injury and medical malpractice litigation which has been focus practice area.

Daniella’s experience coupled with Eli’s ability to connect with jurors make them a trial team that complement each other greatly and enable them to get verdicts and settlements  in excess of 1 million dollars each. Their motto is:, “team work, makes the dream work” Eli also  handles trials  by himself, and is one of the youngest attorneys in New York to have obtained multiple 6 figure verdicts and settlements before the age of 28.  Eli has been up against and won against some defense attorneys that have been practicing law since before he was born.

Steven Sonkin - Personal Injury Lawyer NYC

Steven L. Sonkin

Personal Injury Attorney

Steven L. Sonkin has been practicing law in New York for over 30 years.  Prior to joining Daniella Levi & Associates, PC, Mr. Sonkin gained legal experience practicing at a defense firm. The insights he gained from working on the defense side, have been extremely helpful in his success of representing injured claimants and getting them the compensation they deserve. He is a member of the New York State Bar Association where he served as a member of the Committee on Civil Practice Law and Rules for 14 years and is also a member of the New York City Bar Association where he served on the Civil Courts and Tort Litigation Committees.

Steve has extensive experience in handling cases from inception to trial with an emphasis on automobile, premises liability, construction, products liability and infant’s lead paint poisoning cases. Mr. Sonkin’s impressive  research and legal writing skills are demonstrated in the many successful appeals, plus he has written and argued in the various appellate courts in New York.

Marigold Bridgeman Workers Comp Lawyer

Marigold Bridgeman

Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Marigold has devoted her legal career to Workers’ Compensation. Marigold has gained her experience both as claimant’s counsel as well as defense counsel, thus giving her invaluable insight as to how to best represent her clients. Whether counsel for claimants or insurance carrier, Marigold was able help the injured worked by fighting for the benefits denied by the insurance carrier and through in depth investigation and knowledge Marigold’s mom is a nurse and many of her family friends are front line workers. This experience has given her a front and personal seat at the struggles of injured workers especially during these trying times when we are in the midst of the covid19 pandemic.

Jhon Pineda - Legal staff at NY Law Firm

Jhon Pineda

Mehziba Liaqat - Legal staff at NY Law Firm

Mehziba Liaqat

Rikki Standberry - Legal staff at NY Law Firm

Rikki Standberry

Ellen Cohen - Legal staff at NY Law Firm

Ellen Cohen

James Moore - Legal staff at NY Law Firm

James Moore

Melissa Lucien - Legal staff at NY Law Firm

Melissa Lucien

Adam Rosenblatt - Legal staff at NY Law Firm

Adam Rosenblatt

Lisa Minuto - Legal staff at NY Law Firm

Lisa Minuto

Constanza Solarte - Legal staff at NY Law Firm

Constanza Solarte