Air pressure causes toilet to explode and injure New York City man

One of the benefits of living in an apartment complex is that property management is responsible for facility maintenance and repairs. When individuals sign a lease, they do so with the understanding that the property owner will also uphold the agreement. In order to keep the premises of an apartment safe, maintenance must be complete carefully and effectively. Without this kind of attention, the safety of residents may be put at risk.

Not long ago, a New York City man was severely injured while maintenance was being performed on his apartment complex. The man’s toilet exploded without warning when he tried to flush it. As a result of the explosion, several pieces of porcelain became lodged in his face, which required immediate medical treatment.

Reports from Yahoo News indicate that the complex’s water was shut off at the time of the incident, causing an immense amount of air pressure built up in the water lines. By flushing the toilet, the pressure released and caused the toilet to explode.

Although the man’s unique story is making rounds throughout the media, it’s certainly no laughing matter. His attorney says that the injuries to his face are severe enough that he will need plastic surgery to repair the damage. Of course, this medical treatment will be costly. Beyond the physical pain, the man is suffering from severe anxiety. The emotional toll of the accident has made him terrified to flush the toilet.

As a result of the accident, the man is pursuing a premises liability claim for financial and emotional damages.

When maintenance was being conducted, it may have been best to advise residents that the water was going to be turned off and could cause complications if there were attempts to use the water. Better precautions may have prevented this serious accident.

Source: Yahoo News, “New York man hit by exploding toilet,” Oct. 15, 2013