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Avoiding an Accident With a Truck in New York City

Avoiding an Accident With a Truck

Semi-trucks are a common sight on American highways. These vehicles are essential to our economy and transport millions of tons of freight

from coast to coast each year. Unfortunately, they can also pose a significant risk of injury to motorists and other people using our roadways.

Due to their large size and heavy weight, tractor-trailers can cause extensive damage and serious injury when they are involved in accidents with other vehicles. When these accidents are due to someone’s negligence, victims may be able to recover for any losses they sustain.

Because of the myriad of federal and state regulations that apply to the trucking industry, as well as the number of parties that may be implicated, truck accident cases are often more complicated than other types of motor vehicle accidents. As a result, anyone who has been involved in a tractor-trailer accident should contact an experienced NY personal injury attorney as soon as possible to obtain legal representation.

By applying some common sense tips while you’re out driving the roads of the Big Apple, you’ll greatly reduce the chances of getting into a collision with a semi-truck. These include the following:

Avoid driving in a Truck’s Blind Spots

Trucks have larger blind spots than passenger vehicles. These “no-zones” are to either side of the truck, and directly behind and in front of it. Spend as little time as possible in these areas, and always try and make sure you can see the truck’s mirrors. In addition, be sure that you have enough clearance when getting in front of a truck that you have just passed.

Keep Your Distance

Make sure to give trucks plenty of room, both when behind and in front of them. Trucks require much longer stopping distances than passenger vehicles, so be certain to give them plenty of space when driving in front of them.

Follow the Rules of the Road

When drivers drive predictably, it is easier to avoid accidents. Be sure to follow all rules of the road, always passing on the left and maintaining a safe speed.

Do not Pass Trucks That are Turning

Trucks and other large commercial vehicles make wide turns. Attempting to pass a turning truck puts you at an increased risk of being involved in a collision.

Should you get into an accident with an 18-wheeler on the streets of New York, contact Daniella Levi & Associates today. An experienced accident attorney will meet with you for a free consultation.

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