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Falling Object Causes Fatal Head Injury to NY Dancer

Dancer dies from head injury caused by falling object

New York City is known as a place for aspiring artists and performers to follow their ambitions. The performing arts aren’t generally known for being dangerous areas of work, but all of the rigging and equipment on stages could create danger if it’s not properly maintained or secured.

A 22-year-old dancer, who has spent time working in New York, died as the result of a tragic accident while rehearsing with his current dance company. According to reports, the young man was on a break at the dance troupe’s Chicago studio when a steel acrobatics ring fell on his head.

Unfortunately, the dancer suffered head injuries that claimed his life. The local medical examiner ruled that trauma caused by the heavy falling object was enough to claim the man’s life so early in his career.

Since the dancer was 14 years old, he has been studying dance. Even in his young career, he had traveled all over the world. Sadly, his dream was cut far too short. Not only that, but his loved ones also will not be able to spend time with him and watch his dream progress.

Other than a short written statement from the dance troupe and sparing details released by police, there is little insight into what exactly caused the steel ring to fall. As such, further investigation may be necessary to determine whether or not the heavy object was properly secured. When such performance instruments are put into use, it’s critical that they are safe. Failure to follow through in this respect could result in accidents similar to the one that just occurred.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Dancer dies after ‘freak occurrence’ during rehearsal, death ruled an accident,” Lolly Bowean, Jan. 15, 2014

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Construction Site Safety Duty & New York’s Scaffold Law

New York’s Scaffold Law has roots in construction site safety

Construction sites are full of activity. Between large trucks being moved around and cranes hoisting large objects high above the ground, construction workers have a lot to be aware of. Although workers must exercise caution on work sites, they also deserve to be protected from the dangers associated with modern construction. This idea was the basis for New York’s Scaffold Law, which was enacted nearly 130 years ago.

As buildings were growing taller near the turn of the 20th century, construction workers faced new and more frequent dangers. Due to the risk associated with working from scaffolding and falling objects, lawmakers were motivated to protect workers from unnecessary workplace dangers.

Specifically, the law addresses safety concerns associated with construction completed above ground. Contractors and property owners became responsible for the safety and proper construction of machinery, structures and other tools that aid in building. The law also allows injured workers to pursue civil claims if responsible parties fail to uphold the law’s requirements.

Although this law has been on the books for more than a century, certain people are lobbing criticism. As such, there are efforts to change the face of the law in order to limit the liability of property owners and contractors.

Of course, many people have also raised concerns about changing the Scaffold Law. For so many years, the law has promoted work site safety and has guarded construction workers against injuries.

Employers have a duty to ensure that their employees aren’t harmed in preventable accidents. On a very basic level, the long-standing Scaffold Law does just that. Moving forward, the hope is that construction workers don’t lose the protections they’ve relief on for so many years.

Source: The New York Times, “Contractors and Workers at Odds Over Scaffold Law,” Kirk Semple, Dec. 17, 2013

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Hazardous Construction Fence Injures Multiple New York Pedestrians

Pedestrians injured by unstable construction fence in New York

Many people view ongoing construction as a sign of progress. Even though the rise of construction projects is often linked to a growing economy, builders must take steps to ensure that construction sites are secured. In a bustling and congested city, like New York, safety is especially important, since people are almost always likely to be nearby.

Not long ago, four people were injured at a construction site by falling debris. Reports indicate that three pedestrians were injured when a plywood construction fence fell on top of them. As a result, they became trapped under the temporary barricade. A firefighter responding to the scene also suffered minor injuries.

At the time of the accident, there were very strong winds. While the weather certainly contributed to the incident, a subsequent investigation determined that the construction company didn’t install the fence properly. They were in violation of pre-approved plans. Public officials used this as an opportunity to warn other property owners and construction managers to secure their property during the heavy winds.

Thankfully, all of the victims of the accident are expected to make a full recovery. In a larger-scale collapse, the falling objects could have caused more extensive injuries. Still, the injuries from this case could prevent the victims from working or make other aspects of everyday life challenging.

The construction company responsible for this site had a duty to make sure the premises were secure. By failing to follow the approved construction plan for the fence, they put people at risk, and unfortunately an accident did happen.

Source: CBS New York, “Construction Shed Collapse Sends Debris Flying In Midtown,” Nov. 1, 2013

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