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Common Causes Of Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle accidents happen across the world and there are several reasons why they take place. Each one is going to be unique but several patterns start to develop.

There are specific causes that are going to pop up from time to time.

Here are some of the most common causes of vehicle accidents:

1. Speeding

There are speed limits on the road for a reason. Unfortunately, some drivers ignore these limits and tend to drive faster than is reasonable and prudent. Some drivers even go as much as double the posted speed, posing a great risk to other drivers. When this happens, the fast driver isn’t going to have the same control as they would if they were driving at the speed limit. It is also common for the other drivers on the road to compensate for a reckless driver. This means they may end up changing lanes to get away from the careless person, or slowing down. When someone is driving too fast, they will not have the same reaction time to stop, maneuver, or avoid an impending accident.

2. Distracted Driving

Due to the invention of cellphones, it has become more and more common for drivers to get distracted. They will look down at their phone while driving and that is all it takes for someone to lose focus. Most accidents occur because of a lack of attention to the road, this can include eating, drinking, adjusting the radio, or navigation system. Although phones are one of the leading causes of distracted type accidents, they are not the only source.

3. Fatigue

Many drivers will drive home after a long day at work or they may wake up early to get somewhere while still tired. This causes their reflexes to slow down and it becomes much harder to pay attention to the road. They may begin to nod off and that fatigue is what causes an accident. Even if the driver is paying attention to the road, they may not have the ability to react quickly to what is happening around them. This alone is more than enough reason for the accident to take place.

4. Poor Weather Conditions

This can include any type of weather condition where visibility is reduced and/or the road conditions are hazardous. Examples of poor weather conditions can include snow, rain, and/or fog. When this happens, it is possible for the vehicle not to operate as intended or the driver to lose control. These poor weather conditions can make it harder to compensate and take evasive measures that would have been easy on a dry road with a clean line of sight.

5. Running Red Light

Many drivers will go right through a red light because they weren’t paying attention and/or were in a rush. When this happens, it is common for other drivers not to notice the vehicle in their path since their light is green, they may assume they have right of way and they would be right. However, this leads to both vehicles crashing into each other.

6. Drunk Driving

This is a significant issue that has been prominent for decades despite the DUI laws. Those who drink and drive will not have the ability to react to the road due to their impaired abilities. It can cause them to delay their reaction time, not react, or not even know what is happening. This is a common cause of vehicle accidents and has resulted in many unnecessary deaths.

7. Reckless Driving

This refers to any type of reckless driving maneuver that leads to an accident. A good example of this would be zig-zagging on the road while trying to get past drivers, driving too fast, or not paying close attention to the road. This can lead to a loss of control, and invariably an accident that could have been prevented.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the most common causes of motor vehicle accidents on the road. It is important to remember these details when in an accident, so you can be aware of what the other driver did to cause the accident. This can help you when filing an insurance claim and/or a legal claim later on. When an accident has happened to you, make sure you have the right representation if you wish to file a claim or pursue legal action.

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