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Common Crane Accidents

Common Crane Accidents on a Construction Site

Keeping workers safe must be the number one priority on any worksite. Construction sites are known for their busy environments and hazardous conditions.  Those sites that include the operation of one or more cranes add yet another layer of challenge and diligence to the site management and oversight.  Cranes are prevalent in commercial construction projects.  They enable workers to lift heavy loads up to high locations. They also require comprehensive training in order to operate proficiently and safely.  Crane accidents pose a very real threat to those workers performing their daily tasks, as well as a latent danger to the general public.  Taking every safety precaution in order to prevent accidents is, therefore, of paramount importance.

The four most common crane-related accidents, resulting in both injury and death are as follows:

  • Overturn  – whether, by the crane apparatus itself or its payload, crushing injuries resulting from an imbalance are at the top of the list.  These types of catastrophes occur when the crane’s entire structure fails and falls over.
  • Electrocution – Inadvertent contact with power lines is a common and devastating consequence of crane misuse and faulty operation.
  • Falls – By their very nature, cranes are used to reach the highest heights and achieve the farthest extending points of any construction project.  Accidents caused by falls when conducting these placements are often fatal.
  • Failure – The precision required when operating a crane cannot be overstated.  Mechanical failure in the process of operation can have dire consequences both for the operator and anyone in the vicinity of the malfunction.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides very clear guidelines for both employers and employees for construction sites, as well as specific regulations designed to help reduce crane-related accidents and injuries:

  • Cranes must be inspected immediately prior to each use for mechanical issues, according to a comprehensive inspection list with consideration given to all parts prone to cracking and strain, wiring, and moving mechanisms.
  • All repairs must be made without delay.
  • Crane placement is critical; they must be placed on flat, stable ground with a minimum of 10 feet clearance from any electrical cables or power lines.  The icy, wet, or unstable ground is a no-go for safe crane operation, period.
  • Crane operators and “Riggers” must have proper training prior to the operation of any crane, and appropriate signal persons must be present to assist the operator.

All materials to be moved must be properly balanced and measured, so as not to overtax or overtake the capacity of the crane’s ability.  Likewise, all materials to be moved must be properly bundled and secured to avoid shifting, sliding, and dropping in transition.
Cranes must be operated in appropriate weather conditions only, and a clear plan for inclement weather must be clearly posted and implemented for all crane operation personnel.

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