Worker injured on a construction site

Common Types of Construction Accidents

Construction accidents are common on the job site and it’s important to understand what the causes can be.

Here are some of the most common types that are seen on construction sites throughout the year:

1. Slip and Fall

These accidents take place because there was water or other fluid on the ground or something was leaking that shouldn’t have been. Due to the amount of work that is done on a construction site, any wet areas need to be cleaned up immediately. If not, a worker can come by and slip with no warning or indication that there was a hazard. This is a common accident due to the nature of the work, but the job areas need to be monitored regularly to keep workers safe.

2. Crane Accidents

While OSHA standards have continually improved over the years, accidents still happen. With heavy machinery being used on construction sites, crane accidents do still occur. This includes the crane operator as well as any workers in the area. Making sure that the operators are sufficiently trained, and that everyone in the area is aware of their surroundings is critical. Most crane accidents involve contact with power lines, dropped loads, the boom collapses, or rigging failures. It’s important to understand what the crane safety regulations are when it comes to using this type of equipment as well as staying alert and attentive on the job.

3. Fall From Heights

When workers are spending a lot of time high off the ground to complete construction projects, it’s possible for them to not be secured properly. There are strict guidelines in place for workers and companies that work at such heights. If they don’t have the necessary equipment, it can lead to falls from heights that are dangerous. These falls can lead to a wide array of injuries and even prove fatal. Make sure you are secured with your personal fall arrest system and take all safety precautions.

4. Gas Leaks and Fires

When there is natural gas being used around the site, it is possible for there to be leaks. This can happen when things are not being inspected regularly and/or a leak is missed before it starts to spread. In addition, be aware of any buried gas lines in and around the construction site to prevent any accidental punctures to gas piping. Fires are also a security risk, so be aware of any combustible material as well as the no-smoking policy.

5. Repetitive Injuries

Workers will put in a lot of hours when it comes to their job, many people volunteer for overtime, so working more than 40 hours a week can be common. These hard hours do take a toll on the body after a while and that is what makes it difficult to manage. Over time, many workers will notice repetitive stress injuries that occurred because of the amount of stress they are putting on their bodies. This can include hand, leg, and/or foot injuries that only get worse with time. If they are not taken care of promptly, the symptoms can progressively increase until it becomes unbearable.

6. Forklift Accidents

Forklifts are common when it comes to moving heavy items from one place to another on-site. Those who are operating these forklifts can be in danger of getting into an accident along with anyone who is working nearby. If the forklift isn’t used properly, it can become the cause of an accident. This can lead to serious injuries whether it is the operator or the other workers that are nearby. This is why training for forklift operators is expected and having the right operator’s license is essential.

7. Elevator Shaft Accidents

The last type of common construction accident would be elevator shaft incidents. This involves the elevator shaft not functioning the way it is supposed to. Once this happens, the shaft can break down and fall. Those who are inside the shaft can end up getting seriously injured. There are strict safety regulations when it comes to how an elevator shaft works on-site. This includes how often it is inspected to make sure it is working the way it is supposed to.

Final Thoughts

These are the most common types of construction accidents that are seen on-site. It is important to understand what the workplace regulations are when it comes to safety standards, and always following OSHA standards. You have the right to a safe workplace for yourself and those around you.

All owners, general contractors, and construction companies have to abide by these regulations when there are workers on a job site for the safety and protection of all. They all have to follow professional standards of care to keep everyone safe

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