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Dealing With An Uninsured Person Who Crashed Into You

When you have been in an accident with an uninsured person, it’s important to look at all of your options in that situation.

Here are some of the most important steps to follow post-accident.

1. Collect Visual Evidence

The first step is a basic one. You are going to want to compile as much evidence as possible at the scene of the accident. This means taking pictures of both vehicles and getting all of the relevant information needed to prove your claim. You will also want to take the time to speak to witnesses that may have seen what took place. Write down their numbers, so you are not stuck in a situation where there is no viable witness for your legal claim. This will make it easier to represent your rights in court.

2. File a Police Report

This is an important step in the process after the accident takes place. Regardless if the other person has insurance or not, it’s important to have an officer take a report to help your insurance process go smoother. The officer will interview both parties as well as any witnesses at the time of the accident. The officer will also help you collect contact information from the other driver.

3. File an Uninsured Motorist Claim

Every car insurance company in New York provides some type of uninsured motorist coverage. This means they are going to have a separate category assigned for these claims. This is known as an “uninsured motorist claim” and you should take the time to move forward with a claim such as this one when the accident takes place. The goal will be to speak to your insurance agency and let them know what took place. They will go through the relevant details and make sure the claim goes through as intended.
Have your insurance information available, as well as the details of the accident including the make and model of the other vehicle. Taking pictures will also help you even though the insurance company may send an adjuster out to gather their own information.

Take the time to go through this with a legal professional if you don’t want to do it on your own. Many lawyers can do this on your behalf to make sure things work out as intended and you are not left in an unfavorable situation where the claim isn’t approved.

Please note, it is very possible for your insurance company to say no to the claim. Uninsured motorist claims are auto claims, like any other, except that they are made against your own insurance company, and just like regular auto claims can be denied for many reasons, so can uninsured claims..

4. File a Legal Claim

  • This is an essential step to increase your likelihood of a fair and reasonable recovery.
  • You will want to make sure to speak to a qualified lawyer that handles these types of cases.
  • They will guide you through each phase of the process including potential settlement negotiations. Having a competent legal professional by your side is a must. The lawyer will have the ability to guide you through each phase of the process.

Final Thoughts

When you are dealing with an uninsured motorist claim, there are ways to get compensated for the damages. Don’t assume you are going to be out of options as soon as the accident takes place.

There are viable options available to get the compensation you need. Take the time to go through the steps listed above and contact our office if you have additional questions.

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