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Electric Shock Injury at Work – Can I Sue?

Who Can I Sue After an Electric Shock Injury on the Jobsite in The Bronx?

Electric shock injury is not a rare occurrence. Cases of electric shock happen every day. Electric shock cases are usually related to electrical wires or metal objects touching electricity.

The most common cause of electric shock injury in the workplace is getting electrocuted when touching live wires, that is, those carrying current. While we all do our best and are cautious when working around electricity, shocks still happen.

The severity of shocks is different, ranging from a small zap to death. Many people often wonder what to do if the electric shock needs medical attention. You should always seek medical attention as soon as possible, to be sure that the shock did not negatively affect your heart or other organs. If you were at work when you were shocked, you are entitled to at least getting your medical bills paid and compensation for loss of work. However, you may be entitled to more.

Contact a Construction Accident Lawyer if An Electric Shock has injured you

The answer to the initial question is that yes, you can sue. First, you should contact a construction accident lawyer and find out what workers’ compensation insurance company your workplace provides as well as what are options there are to bring third-party claims against other responsible entities. The construction accident lawyer will be able to help you get the information the insurance company will need.

How Does Electricity Cause injury?

An electrical shock is caused when the current passes through the person’s body. When an electric current enters a human body, it creates a magnetic field. This field can disrupt the person’s involuntary nervous system, causing their muscles to contract involuntarily and making their heart stop beating.

A shocking sensation may be felt when one touches an object that carries the charge. People may also feel a tingling sensation before feeling pain and muscle contractions.

There are two types of shocks: direct and alternating currents. Direct currents flow in one direction while alternating currents flow in both directions. Alternating currents are more dangerous than direct currents. This is because they can cause more damage to bodily organs.

You Might Be Entitled to Compensation

If you have been injured by an electric shock or lost a loved one, you are entitled to compensation. The amount of compensation varies from case to case. Negligence is often the reason for the shock. While you might have thought the power was off, perhaps someone flipped the switch on you. Getting shocked at work is very common in the construction industry. Live wires can hide out in walls and ceilings from remodeling done years ago.

When you have been injured, seek medical treatment right away. You want to be sure there are no injuries that you do not immediately see or feel. Always get medical attention and then contact a construction accident lawyer for help and guidance on the next steps. Be sure you also alert your employer as soon as the accident occurs.

We offer construction accident lawyer services for injuries from electrical shock and other job-related injuries. If you have been injured on the job you would be covered by workers’ compensation, however, very often there are other claims that you can bring against other responsible parties. We offer a free consultation to discuss your situation and the compensation to which you may be entitled. Call today.

Electric Shock Injury at Work – Can I Sue?

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