Elevator accidents prompt action in New York City

The number of people who are injured and killed in elevator accidents in New York City is simply unacceptable. A new campaign seeks to improve elevator safety in the city.

One issue that is being addressed by the “Stay Safe. Stay Put.” campaign is the tendency of people who are in an elevator that has stopped to try to get out of the elevator. The goal of the campaign is to get people to stay calm and simply use the method provided in the elevator to call for help.

Many people who are an elevator fear a free-fall accident. That isn’t likely to happen, so it is almost always best to simply stay put until help arrives. In fact, the worst elevator deaths reported occur when passengers try to get free on their own.

If you are on an elevator that stops, you shouldn’t try to leave the car. You could actually cause more trouble if you try to pry the doors open or jump up and down in the elevator in an effort to get out. By jumping or trying to pry the doors open, you could shift the car or affect the brake system, which could make a rescue more difficult.

From 1997 to 2010, there were 91 deaths of elevator passengers in accidents not related to work. New York was at the top of the list during that time with 13 deaths. Last year alone, 51 people were injured and five people died in New York City elevator accidents.

People who are injured in elevator accidents and the family members of those who are left behind when a person is killed in an elevator accident can opt to seek compensation.

Source: Claims Journal, “Elevator Safety Campaign Launched in New York City,” July 12, 2016