Even small points matter in personal injury claims

In our previous blog post, we discussed a case that involved a young boy who was injured on an escalator. If you recall, his parents have opted to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the shoes the boy was wearing, as well as against the resort where the incident occurred. That case brings up one important consideration about personal injury claims — there can often be more than one party that is held liable for the injuries.

When you decide to seek compensation after an accident on an elevator or escalator, you might automatically think about filing a claim against the owner of the building. That isn’t your only option. You might also seek compensation from the manufacturer of the escalator or elevator. Other parties, such as the shoe manufacturer in last week’s case, might also be held accountable.

It is important that we look at everything that happened at the time of the accident. The young boy’s parents from last week’s case might not have thought about filing a claim for compensation against the shoe manufacturer; however, if the shoe played a part in the accident, that opened up such a possibility.

The facts of your claim for compensation are essential. We can help you to determine who should be held responsible for your injuries so that we can name them in your lawsuit. This can help you toward your goal of getting the compensation you deserve. It can also help you to hold all the parties who played a part in the accident accountable for their roles.