Examples of a Workers Comp Claim

If you are injured on the job, you are most likely entitled to workers compensation,

but you may have additional claims that may be worth much more than your workers compensation claim.

Construction Site

You work on a construction site and you are using a nail gun. While you are using the nail gun, the gun misfires and sends the nail backwards through the back of the gun. The nail hits you in the eye and you are permanently disabled and cannot ever work again.

In this example, you obviously have a workers compensation claim against your employer because you were injured while on the job, but you may also have a products liability case where you can sue the manufacturer of the nail gun because the product was defective.

Delivery Person

You work as a delivery person. You deliver bread to grocery stores. You exit your delivery truck, retrieve your bread from the rear of the truck. You begin to walk into the grocery store and you slip and fall on ice right outside of the main entrance of the grocery store. Due to the injury, you are permanently disabled and can no longer work.

In this example, you obviously have a workers compensation claim against your employer, but you also have a slip and fall case grounded in a general negligence theory against the owner of the grocery store.

The point of these examples is that an experienced lawyer, like the attorneys at the NYC personal injury law firm of Daniella Levi & Associates can help you navigate through any of the murky waters that may arise in your workers compensation case. Contact us now to get started for a free consultation.