Falls on sidewalks can lead to very serious injuries

Walking on the sidewalk is something that most of us do without any thought. For some people, walking on the sidewalk turns into a huge mistake because they end up having an accident due to a hazardous condition. We know that you never expected to end up injured because you decide to walk somewhere. When that does happen, you need to be aware of your right to seek compensation.

There are many reasons why a trip and fall might occur on a sidewalk. The sidewalk might be broken or uneven. It might be slippery or cracked. The issue with these hazards comes when pedestrians aren’t warned of the hazards, especially if the hazard should have been plainly obvious to the owner of the sidewalk.

The severity and type of injuries that occur in these accidents can vary. You might suffer from a broken bone, a hit to the head, a twisted ankle or knee or several other injuries. In some cases, those injuries might necessitate that you seek medical care. Severe injuries might require hospitalization, surgery, time off of work or long-term medical care. All of that can affect your finances in a negative manner.

We have to determine who is liable for the accident so that we can determine who we need to seek compensation from. In some cases, the answer to that point might be an insurance company that holds the policy covering the portion of the sidewalk in question. If that is the case, we will represent your side of the case to seek the maximum settlement that we can.