Handrails can play a key role in preventing falls

Older individuals can be susceptible to falls. Seniors can suffer serious injuries when they fall. There are many things that can impact a senior’s fall risk in a certain area. One is the handrail situation in that area. Properly placed handrails are among the things that can help seniors avoid falls during activities such as walking and going from floor to floor.

So, when trying to fall-proof a home, among the things it can be important for elderly individuals or their caregivers to give appropriate attention to are handrails and where to have them installed. The handrail situation in a home’s stairways can be particularly impactful. Depending on the specifics of an elderly individual and their home, there could also be other areas (such as certain walkways) where having handrails could be very helpful. As a note, when it comes to handrails in stairways or walkways in the home of a senior, having the handrails present on both sides can be helpful in fall prevention.

Now, their home is not the only place where what sorts of handrails are present can be impactful for a senior. How places like stores, businesses, hospitals, elder care facilities and restaurants act when it comes to where they put handrails and the maintenance and repair of the handrails present in their stairways and other areas can have big ramifications for the safety of elderly visitors, and visitors of any age for that matter. Handrail-related negligence at such places could lead to serious fall accidents.

In your opinion, how good of a job are businesses and other organizations here in New York City doing when it comes to providing visitors with safe handrails in stairways and other areas on their premises?

Source: NIHSeniorHealth, “Falls and Older Adults – Fall Proofing Your Home,” Accessed Nov. 28, 2016