Hotels should consider guests to prevent slip-and-fall accidents

New York City is a major destination for tourists from all corners of the globe. When people begin their vacation, they are likely excited to take advantage of all that the city has to offer. Knowing this, travelers don’t want to worry about something that will hinder their fun or cause their trip to come to an early end.

The overall experience someone has with his or her hotel can make or break the success of a vacation. As such, hotel management should take steps to ensure that their guests remain happy and healthy during their stay, since there is definite room for accidents to happen.

One prominent travel writer notes that more and more baby boomers will be traveling in the coming years, and hotels may want to make considerations for this trend. Of course, the needs of traveling baby boomers are different than younger travelers’ needs.

As boomers continue to age, certain considerations may need to be made to account for mobility concerns. Specifically, older people may be more susceptible to slip-and-fall accidents. Knowing this, hotels may want to clear hotel floors of tripping hazards and install bath mats to minimize the risk of wet floors. These are only a couple specific accommodations to consider, but they could prove helpful in minimizing the risk of accidents.

Simply put, places of business should try to accommodate anticipated clientele. If an older group of guests is expected, then special considerations may be made to minimize the risk of injury.

Hotels have a duty to ensure their guests are safe. As a result, patrons might benefit from understanding the protections included in personal injury laws in the event they are harmed in an accident on hotel premises.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Dear Hotel Manager: Are Your Rooms Booomer-Proofed?” Dr. Irene S. Levine, Sept. 27, 2013