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How Do I Find a Top-Rated Personal Injury Lawyer

How Do I Find a Top-Rated Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me?

You have been injured and are wondering what your legal rights are. Looking for an attorney skilled at handling these cases and answering your questions can be overwhelming. There are so many names to choose from. Who do you call? How do you know if you are getting a firm that has the experience to handle your case and win?

Daniella Levi & Associates is the firm to call when you want the best Personal Injury Lawyer in The Bronx. With over 75 years of combined experience in successfully handling thousands of personal injury cases, we are exceptionally qualified to give you the personal attention you deserve.

Common personal injury claims

Personal injuries result for many reasons: they may be sustained due to negligence, dog bites, slip-and-fall accidents, medical malpractice, motorcycle accidents, and more. At Daniella Levi & Associates, we have seen them all.

Slip and Fall Injuries – Whether on private or public property, slip-and-fall accidents can happen in a split-second yet have lingering pain and physical limitations that last for months or even years. When the accident leads to unexpected medical bills, a personal injury attorney is your best line of defense in covering those expenses.

Car Accidents – Automobile accidents result in the greatest number of personal injury claims in America. When an accident occurs due to another driver’s negligence, accident victims are well-served in consulting with a personal injury attorney to help them recover their repair and medical expenses, as well as any pain-and-suffering expenses they may be due.

Workplace Accidents – An employee that experiences an injury while on the job can file a personal injury claim if they are injured due to inadequate job training, malfunctioning equipment, or unsafe conditions. Negligence or disregard on the part of an employer should not be to the detriment of their employees.

Product Liability – Product liability is the responsibility placed upon a maker or manufacturer for carelessness in the process of producing or selling a faulty product. Products often malfunction, which can lead to injury or damage. The harmed person or persons may be entitled to compensation for these injuries.

Wrongful Death – Wrongful death occurs when someone is killed as a result of another person or entity’s misconduct or negligence. When these types of accidents happen, the victim’s family can be entitled to compensation for the loss of life and livelihood.

Accidents of all sorts are an unintended part of life. Sometimes these accidents result in serious injuries that require medical attention. If you have experienced an accident at home or out and about and are not sure if it was a result of negligence or carelessness on the part of another party, Daniella Levi & Associates can help. You may be entitled to compensation for your inconvenience and injuries. If so, you need the best personal injury lawyers in the Bronx; you need the experienced team of Daniella Levi & Associates.

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