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Case For Injury Slipping on Ice in a Parking Lot

I Got Hurt Slipping On Ice In The Parking Lot, What Can I Do?

If you were injured on a property that someone else, that property owner may be responsible for your injuries. A slip and fall injury can be very painful and make it difficult to work, pay bills, or enjoy life. If you slipped on ice in the parking lot of a store and believe they are liable for your injuries, it’s important to know what your legal rights are. You need to speak with a slip and fall attorney to find out your options. Being injured at a business in Queens is never fun for anyone. Call today and our slip and fall Queens attorneys help you with your claim.

Many people don’t know that if they slip and fall on someone else’s property and get hurt, they might be entitled to compensation. The most common property owners who might be liable for slip-and-fall accidents in their parking lots or premises include:

  • Retail stores like grocery stores or department stores;
  • Workplaces like factories or warehouses;
  • Commercial property like office settings, hotels, and other commercial venues.
  • Other people’s residential properties.

Many people believe that their slip and falls claims will harm the other person or that the other person will have to pay. However, that simply isn’t the case. Most businesses and homeowners carry insurance that will cover the costs of the medical treatments and loss of work for the victim. You simply have to show that the slip and fall are due to their negligence for failing to maintain the area safely

What to do if you have had a slip and fall?

Slips and falls are no laughing matter, especially in winter. These accidents can lead to serious injuries that may even require hospitalization. If you have had a slip and fall that has resulted in the injury you need to contact a slip and fall lawyer right away. Don’t try to navigate the insurance companies on your own, as you can be sure they have a team of attorneys on their side. While you have medical bills piling up and have sustained loss of work, a slip and fall attorney can help. The best part is, that you don’t have to pay unless you win.

Here at Daniella Levi and Associates, we work with clients to get them the results they are looking for. We take our time to investigate the case in order to fully understand what happened. Each one of our clients is important to us, which is why you will always feel like a person and not a number. We want to take care of our clients, after all, getting injured from a fall is enough to deal with. We will take care of the rest. It is important that you get the proper representation to get what you deserve.

Call today and get the help you need for your slip and fall injury. Being injured at a business in Queens is no joke. Call now and let’s take a look at your case.

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