I Tripped Over Construction Debris at the Store. Is the Store Liable?

Construction Debris at the Store Tripped Me. Are They Liable?

Is the Store Liable if I Tripped Over Construction Debris at the Store?

Who is Liable for My Accidental Fall Over Construction Debris at the Store

You should always be on the lookout and be careful when walking around a store. Sometimes there are times when things come out of nowhere, and it gets us. Stores are responsible for the general public welfare, and having construction debris around for people to trip on is no laughing matter. The stores should have signs, and the area blocked off so that the construction workers don’t have to deal with their patrons while they do their work. Sawdust and other debris can become really slippery in the right conditions. If you have had a slip and fall due to negligence of a store, you might be entitled to compensation.

Construction work is inevitable for businesses. We are always looking for ways to improve our displays. The signage and logos are ever-changing to keep with the times. However, while the construction is going on, there are protocols that should be met, such as blocking off the area and putting up the proper signs. When this doesn’t happen and someone gets hurt, there are consequences. Our team of accident attorneys is here to help with these sorts of situations. When you have had a fall due to the negligence of others, you need to find a good accident attorney to call to represent you.

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Many times businesses have insurance that will cover the costs of these sorts of accidents. However, these insurances don’t like to pay out but simply collect premiums from their clients. That’s when you need to get an accident attorney involved with your case. You need proper representation to ensure you get your medical expenses and lost time paid for as well as compensation for your pain and suffering. They might even offer you something that is not nearly what your accident was worth. Remember, these insurance companies have their own team of lawyers that will be working for them. Don’t think they have your best interest in mind, even when they act as they do. Call now and let our team help you get the compensation you deserve for your construction debris fall.

An accident attorney is there to represent a client when they have had a fall due to someone else’s negligence. This could be when falling on construction debris, but it could also be from many other scenarios. Our law offices specialize in representing our clients after accidents. We take the time to ensure that we investigate everything. We want to ensure that we fully understand what happened and how it happened to better represent our clients. If you have had a fall due to a business’s negligence, you might be entitled to compensation. Let us take a look and see what we can do.

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When you have had an accident, it is hard to know who to call. We don’t anticipate having an accident, and when it happens, it can be a shock. Accidents happen for a variety of reasons, but, in the end, most things are covered by insurance. You simply need to figure out which insurance and who is responsible. Call today, and we are happy to help you navigate the system and come up with a solution for your situation.

I Tripped Over Construction Debris at the Store. Is the Store Liable?

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