i was injured at an outdoor marke in queens

I Was Injured at an Outdoor Market

I Was Injured at an Outdoor Market in Queens. Who’s Responsible?

Crisp air, sunny weather, bustling shoppers and vendors – sounds lovely.  What could go wrong?  Farmers markets, swap meets, and outdoor bazaars are fun and fanciful places to venture, but if you are injured while attending one, who is responsible for your injuries?

Often markets of this kind are in out-of-the-ordinary locations; fields, parking lots, and areas of uneven ground.  Trips and stumbles from sidewalk cracks, rough pavement or dirt, wet grass or pavement, mud, baskets, boxes, dog leashes, or spilled food or drinks can contribute to an unexpected visit to the hospital.  Breezy days can bring rogue wind gusts, picking up tents and awnings and creating dangerous flying threats to public safety.  If this should happen to you, knowing what to do in the chaotic moments following your accident can make all the difference in the outcome of your unfortunate incident.

Market organizers make every effort to anticipate inadvertent hazards and ensure the safety of vendors and visitors alike.  Despite their best efforts, accidents still happen.  These accidents can add to severe expenses, including personal injuries or property damage.  For this reason, most markets require individual liability insurance proof from each participating vendor, or they must sign a liability waiver indemnifying the property owner should anything outside their control occur during the market.  But what if you’re a visitor to the market?  Knowing who to call for clarity and representation may decide between personal loss and full compensation.

Did the vendor properly tie down and tether their space coverings?  Were the tables and displays arranged haphazardly, contributing to your unfortunate encounter?  Was there signage to indicate a possible trip-and-fall could be a risk?  Was weather a factor in your mishap?  Was there a mess that was not correctly cleaned up and left to create a dangerous situation?

If you or anyone in your party are injured while attending an outdoor market, take photos of the immediate area where the accident occurred.  Ask those in the area for their names and phone numbers so that you may reach out to them once you’ve adequately received attention for your injuries.  If possible, seek out the organizers or management of the market and gather their information for future reference.  Call 911 if the incident warrants it, and give a complete history of what happened to your first responders.  Then call the premise injury legal team at Daniella Levi & Associates, P.C.  We are uniquely qualified to parse out the details of confusing accidents such as this, where neck, back, head, knee, shoulder, or hip injuries may take days to weeks to develop, and even longer to resolve.  We will help you assess your eligibility for a personal injury claim and be sure that you receive the personal attention, medical care, pain and suffering, legal representation, and compensation you deserve.  Establishing liability in these circumstances can be complicated; the type and amount of compensation that you could be entitled to receive will depend on very specific details.

At Daniella Levi & Associates, P.C., we take the time to review each case’s details carefully.  We want to determine who is responsible for your injuries and any losses you may have incurred.  Call today to speak with an experienced attorney.

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