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Claim for a Passenger in an Uber Accident

I Was the Passenger in an Uber Accident. Do I Have A Claim?

Ridesharing is on the rise – all the convenience with none of the responsibility!  But accidents happen, and when they do, do you really have NO responsibility if you’re the passenger in an Uber vehicle?  The answer is YES*.  Because the passenger is not in control of the vehicle, any accident that Uber may experience is not the passenger’s fault.  [Whether the accident is the fault of the Uber driver or another party, any expenses that exceed the compensatory amount would be the responsibility of the at-fault driver.]  While this gives great peace of mind to Uber consumers, the consequences of accidents during these rides can be anything other than peaceful, and the results of them can have devastating lasting effects.

Just as with any accident, the first and most important thing to do is seek medical attention.  Often, injuries sustained in an automobile accident present hours, days, or even weeks following the accident itself.  By then, the damage could well have been diminished or completely alleviated if it had only been immediately addressed.  Additionally, injuries resulting from a traffic accident can seriously impede your ability to function in your daily tasks – work, home life, school, and recreation.  Receiving medical assistance will ensure your best medical outcome.

If there were eyewitnesses, other drivers, or passengers who observed the collision, their testimonies could be invaluable in proving your case.  If you are able, take photographs of the scene of the accident; ask those nearby to do so if you are unable.  Photos of the area from the time and place of the event, evidence of the conditions at the time of impact such as traffic congestion, time of day, already-existing accidents in the immediate area – any information you can collect can be helpful in contributing to the successful outcome of your Uber accident lawsuit.

Your next phone call should be to Daniella Levi and Associates, P.C.  Automobile accidents, including those involving an Uber, are often the result of negligence on the part of either another motorist or your Uber driver.  Regardless of the at-fault party, the outcome is clear:  the negligent party did not drive safely and responsibly.  It is for this reason that you may be entitled to seek compensation for damages.  Our dedicated team of legal professionals will communicate with your medical staff, the insurance companies, Uber, and any other parties involved to resolve your case in a timely and uncomplicated manner, garnering you the compensation you deserve.  We take into consideration the long-term ramifications of auto injuries and their effects on your work life, home life, and earning ability, and we fight on your behalf to recover damages which could include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical bills and expenses
  • Emergency services and transportation
  • Hospitalization and rehabilitative care
  • Permanent disfigurement or disability
  • Lost wages or employment benefits
  • Diminished earning capability
  • Property damages
  • Wrongful death

Dealing with car insurance companies can be confusing and overwhelming.  Rideshare companies have complex and intricate insurance coverages designed to address every aspect of accident liability coverage.  This coverage requirement is $1 million for eligible pedestrians, passengers, motorists, motorcycle riders, and bicyclists.  The stipulation to this – for passengers – is that they must first submit a claim to their own personal injury protection insurance.  These personal insurance policies typically cover medical expense reimbursement at 80%, up to $10,000.00, barring any restrictions.  The remaining 20% does not take into account extended medical expenses, pain & suffering, or employment losses (like lost wages), and would then be submitted to the insurance company of the at-fault driver or Uber.  Passengers may be entitled to award damages, should they exceed the coverage of these policies.

Do I Have A Claim if I Was the Passenger in an Uber Accident?

Navigating the muddy waters of all of these policies through to complete clarity is what we do best.  While the sole pursuit of insurance companies is quick, low-cost settlement, seldom are these settlements in the best interest of those injured.  At Daniella Levi and Associates, P.C., we’re available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you are unable to come to us, we’ll come to you, whether at home or the hospital – whatever is convenient for you.

If you or a family member have been an injured passenger in an Uber automobile accident and are looking for fair, honest, and aggressive representation, Daniella Levi and her team will ensure that you are painstakingly represented.  We will make certain that you receive the full compensation you deserve.  You pay nothing upfront, and before we take your case we will provide a free, thorough, no-obligation consultation.  Our fee is only collected after you and your family have been awarded the compensation you deserve.  If you are an injured passenger following an Uber accident, Daniella Levi and Associates, P.C. can help you.  Call us today.

*Currently there is no legal precedent set for accident lawsuits caused by interference or disruption due to unruly, intoxicated, or otherwise impaired passengers.

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