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Is It Worth Retaining A Lawyer For Minor Car Accidents?

Is It Worth Retaining A Lawyer For A Minor Car Accident?

If you are ever in a minor car accident, you may wonder if it is necessary to obtain legal counsel for such an incident. In many cases, you may think that just exchanging information with the other driver and allowing your insurance companies to resolve the situation is enough. However, even minor impact car accidents can give rise to some serious and debilitating injuries that may not be readily ascertained at the time of the accident.

What Is A Minor Car Accident?

In general, a car accident that is regarded as minor results in only a small amount of damage to the vehicle. In most cases, both vehicles that are involved will not have excessive damage and will be able to drive away once the accident has occurred. Even if your vehicle has experienced only minimal damages, there are still many reasons why it is worth retaining a lawyer for a minor accident.

Why Would You Need An Attorney For This Type Of Accident?

You’ve got nothing to lose consulting with an experienced attorney, get your no-fault benefit set up and be examined by a medical professional. Why take chances? Sometimes symptoms may start to appear 72 hours after an accident. Speak to an experienced attorney, get a claim set up, get examined and let time tell whether or not your injuries are substantial enough that are worth pursuing. Certain circumstances may merit the need of a law firm, one that can represent you in court, especially if other people were involved. If people were injured, or if there were many other vehicles involved in the accident, it might be time to obtain legal counsel from a personal injury attorney that specializes in vehicular accidents. Here is an overview of whether or not you should consider getting an attorney for a minor car accident.

Should The Police Be Involved?

Where possible, it is always a good idea to call the police and get them to fill out a police accident report. However, during these times, the police may not always arrive and/or not want to deal with “minor accidents.”. In that case, take photos of your car and the other car(s) involved, including the plate numbers. Also, get the drivers’ information such as driver’s license and car insurance information.

Is It Worth Retaining A Lawyer For A Minor Car Accident?

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