Issues with stairs can lead to trips, slips and falls

When it comes to stairs, most people are very careful as they go up and down. There are some hazards that can make it more likely that a person will fall while he or she is using the stairs. Generally, the reasons for falls on stairs can be divided into two categories — obstacles and environmental factors.

The most common stair hazard is an object that is left on the stairs. These objects can cause people to slip or trip and fall. Most falls on stairs occur when the person is going down the stairs. If objects that are left on the stairs are hidden, falling on them is possible.

Improper maintenance of stairs is another possible hazard. This can include loose or torn carpet on the stairs, broken or worn tread and irregularities in the stairs. In some cases, these can be due to the design of the stairs.

Stairs without handrails also pose a problem. If a person slips or trips, he or she has nothing to grasp to try to stop the full fall from occurring. If a handrail is present, making sure that it is secure and in good shape is necessary.

Another hazard that people don’t think about too often is stairs that are in an unexpected location. When only one or two stairs are placed somewhere, people might not expect them to be there.

For the people who are injured in accidents involving stairs, the results can be harrowing. Broken bones, bruises and similar injuries can affect every aspect of your life. In those cases, seeking compensation could be possible.

Source: Cornell University, “Stair Safety: Causes and Prevention of Residential Stair Injuries,” accessed Sep. 07, 2016