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Know Your Options: Seeking Compensation After a Fall NY

Know your options for seeking compensation after a fall

The autumn and winter months are dangerous times to walk on sidewalks. We discussed this issue in our previous blog post. When hazards of the season, or any other hazards, aren’t cleared from the walkways in a suitable manner, it is possible that people can fall and get hurt. If you are injured in a fall on a sidewalk, you might opt to seek compensation for the injuries. We can help you to explore your options for doing this.

We know that you are probably focusing on the treatment plan your doctor has provided for the injuries you suffered. That is exactly where your focus should be after the accident; however, if you opt to seek compensation, you will need to take action within a certain amount of time.

The law in New York sets specific time limits for seeking compensation after you are injured. Making sure that you file your claim within this time frame is critical because you can’t do anything if it passes you by. Losing out on your right to seek compensation means that you won’t be able to hold the person who was liable for the accident accountable for what happened to you. It also means that you wouldn’t be able to recover the money you had to spend because of the injury.

We understand that you likely have some questions and need some help building your case. We are here to help you to learn what aspects of the incident you should investigate and focus on. Once we know the circumstances, we can help you to explore the options that you have for seeking compensation.

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