Late-night dangers associated with job duties

There are certain occupations that are commonly associated with occupational risks and dangers. Law enforcement, for example, and firefighting are two lines of work that have obvious dangers inherent in the job duties.

Other jobs are also dangerous, though perhaps less obviously so: roofer, logger, pilot and truck driver are typically listed whenever people index the riskiest occupations. Another dangerous job: working in late-night retail.

The risks of robbery, assault, injuries and fatalities are an ever-present part of working at a convenience store, eatery, gas station or other retail outlet open late at night. The problem is a significant one: the Bureau of Labor Statistics said that in 2007, assaults and other acts of violence took 864 lives, which was more than 15 percent of the workplace fatalities that year in the entire country.

The dangers are not just to the workers, of course, but also to innocent customers who happen to be in the store when the violence occurs. Far too often, owners of the establishments fail to implement safety measures that would protect employees and customers.

These safety measures can include:

  • Installation and maintenance of security systems
  • Training for employees in robbery prevention
  • Keeping windows clear of posters, signs and other clutter
  • Establishing cash-drop systems and routines to deter robberies

When an employee or customer is injured due to a lack of security measures, they can face enormous medical bills, lost wages, disabilities and extended periods of emotional anguish and physical pain. A conversation with an attorney experienced in premises liability litigation can explain your legal options and help you pursue compensation for damages.