Law enforcement investigates fatal Manhattan elevator accident

Property owners and managers have a responsibility to keep their buildings up to date on safety codes by maintenance and repairs as needed. Failure to uphold this duty can create unsafe property conditions.

Investigators are looking into an elevator-related accident that killed one man and injured another in New York City. According to reports, a man fell to his death down an elevator shaft. Details at the time of initial reports were sparing, but a report from the Department of Buildings says that the elevator shaft was unguarded. A second man was rushed from the building to receive treatment for injuries.

Authorities plan to conduct a full investigation into this incident. There is no indication where the man fell from or how he fell. In the end, the results of the investigation could provide insight into whether negligent maintenance played a role in this incident.

Clear details of the accident will not only be beneficial for the relatives of the man who died, but also for the man who suffered trauma at the 12-story building.

Regularly maintaining a property can help uncover serious safety issues, which can allow property owners the opportunity to make repairs and prevent serious injuries. In cases where safety issues are neglected and lead to injuries, then it may be possible to hold property owners accountable with a premises liability claim.

Every accident is unique and this particular case is no different. As details of this incident emerge, it will become much clearer as to how it can be rectified.

Source: New York Daily News, “Man dies after falling down elevator shaft in Manhattan office building,” Thomas Tracy, Dec. 4, 2013