Maintaining elevators and escalators is crucial for safety

Elevators and escalators are convenient ways to get from one floor to another. In many cases, such as in high rise buildings and hospitals, these elevators are crucial because people who need to get up to upper floors or down from them might not be able to do so easily without the elevators and escalators. As convenient as they are, escalators and elevators also come with some risks.

We understand the importance of proper maintenance and inspection of escalators and elevators. When they aren’t maintained and inspected, improperly working components can fail and lead to accidents. Those accidents can lead to serious injuries that can dramatically change a person’s life.

When you are injured in an accident like this, you will often need to seek out medical care. You might suffer from injuries like broken bones, a head injury or a spinal cord injury. In some instances, these accidents can lead to death.

Once you have received stabilizing medical care, you might start to think about the accident. Those thoughts might lead you to decide that you are going to seek compensation to help cover the financial losses that you suffered because of the accident.

We can help you investigate the accident so that we can determine the cause of the accident, as well as the parties who need to be held liable for the damages you suffered. These two facts are very important when you are seeking compensation because you must be able to show that negligence or recklessness was the root cause of the accident that injured you.