Negligent security and premises liability in New York

When New Yorkers set out to run an errand or visit a friend, personal safety is usually not a big worry. Most premises appear to be safe with smooth pavement, unbroken steps and other measures. However, there is a chance you might not be as protected as you believe you are on another party’s premises. One little-known area of concern is inadequate or outright negligent premises security.

Public places are often a breeding ground for criminal activities like assault, robbery or rape. What you might not know is that property owners have a legal duty to prevent harm from befalling patrons, tenants and guests. If it can be demonstrated that a property owner failed in this duty, a victim of negligent security injuries may be able to file a premises liability suit.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict just when and where a person might be at risk for negligent security injuries. Dark stairwells, poorly-illuminated parking lots, wooded college campuses and ATM premises are just four examples of places where danger may lurk. Property owners can reduce these dangers by keeping their premises well-lit, guarded by security personnel and by utilizing fences, gates and other trespassing barriers.

As far as what you can do to reduce your risk of attack or security-related injuries, make sure to remain aware of your surroundings at all times. Carry a flashlight or a strobe as well as a whistle you can blow if a stranger approaches. Pepper spray can also be a strong deterrent if a person tries to attack you.

Negligent security injuries are a fact of life and can damage your mental and emotional wellbeing as well as your body. Take precautions to stay safe at all times, and please explore our personal injury web pages to learn more.