Some neighborhoods in New York are hindered in their development and upkeep by landlords who are not there, according to a new report, but new proposals could seek to combat these negligent homeowners. The issue stems from the fact that many homeowners in the area are proud of the houses that they own and the neighborhoods that they live in, and they no longer want to see property values held back because people who live elsewhere are not making repairs.

In the past, fines had been given to negligent landlords. However, some people felt that these did not go far enough. They were compared to a slap on the wrist, something that would not really force any action.

The new proposal would make it so that the outstanding money that was owed because of the fines could be looked at in the same way that a tax lien would be treated. If landlords did not pay, foreclosures could eventually take the homes away from them. The hope seems to be that this looming possibility would make landlords more likely to take better care of the properties.

When it comes to negligent maintenance and premises liability, those living in homes that have not been properly maintained, like the ones that are targeted by this new legislature, could have a case if they have been injured as a result of the lack of upkeep. They should also keep an eye on this proposal. If it passes and a landlord goes through a foreclosure due to negligence, that fact could be used in a court case after an injury.

Source: Buffalo Rising, “Legislative effort at state-level inspired by Buffalo’s Project Slumlord” No author given, May. 01, 2014