New York gentrification sparks protests

In Bushwick, New York, gentrification has been an ongoing issue that is now sparking protests from people who live there. Gentrification is basically the process by which an area goes up in price, often due to improvements in the area, making it impossible for people who have lived there for years to afford it any longer. They are then pushed out by the economic changes.

One thing that protestors have talked about is the fact that landlords sometimes seem to want to force these low-income tenants out in any way possible. These protestors even claim that this has led to violations of the Housing Maintenance Code in the city. They claim that some landlords have been refusing to repair things that clearly need repairs, for instance. This is making for unsafe living conditions, with the landlords hoping, in the protestors’ eyes, that they will move out as a result.

This a dangerous situation, and it could even lead to some premises liability cases. Landlords have a responsibility to their tenants, and they need to provide them with safe places to live. If they neglect to do so, or if they refuse to do it on purpose, and the tenants are injured as a result, it could lead to a lawsuit. It is important for tenants to understand their rights, regardless of their level of income.

It is unclear how long these protests will last or exactly what impact they are going to have, but they will certainly bring attention to the situation. The protestors are also hopeful that the newly-elected mayor, Bill de Blasio, will aid them in their cause.

Source: Brooklyn Daily Eagle, “Bushwick residents, elected officials march against ‘negligent landlords’” No author given, Apr. 08, 2014