Premises liability in New York

When you visit property owned by another person or a business, there is a possibility that you may suffer an injury due to uncorrected problems on the property. In New York alone, many people are injured every year on other people’s property because of the property owner’s negligence. If you too have been the victim of a property owner’s negligence or the inattentiveness of personnel employed by the owner to secure the property, you may be interested in the legal issue of premises liability.

Property owners and managers owe a duty of care to visitors and customers on their property. In order to prevent potential injuries, owners and managers have a duty to correct or repair known hazards. Even if a property owner and manager had not know about a hazard, they may still be liable if it can be proven that, reasonably, they should have known.

You may have suffered a debilitating and life-altering injury. Sometimes, people suffer on others’ property spinal cord injuries that cause permanent paralysis and tantamount injuries. When a property owner has been negligent in the repair and upkeep of his or her property, you might be eligible to seek compensation for the losses you suffer in the event of an accident.

At Daniella Levy & Associates, our Accident Attorneys are very familiar with the duties owed by property owners to visitors or customers. We provide a careful analysis of the facts of our clients’ cases and a fair assessment of the damages suffered. We aggressively litigate on behalf of our clients in order to help them recover compensation for the losses they have endured. We understand that people who have been injured often have questions about premises liability law. Accordingly, we have compiled more information on our slip-and-fall injury page.

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