Preventing sidewalk accidents and falls in autumn and winter

The autumn and winter seasons in New York City are undeniably beautiful. For many residents, these are their favorite times of the year. In spite of their beauty, the cool seasons pose a number of hazards to residents and visitors to the city. In the winter, the presence of snow, freezing rain and ice can make sidewalks slippery. In the fall, rain combined with falling leaves can also result in slippery sidewalks.

Victims who have suffered injuries in a slip and fall on one of New York’s many sidewalks can always speak with a premises liability lawyer to find out if they have grounds to pursue a lawsuit. However, sometimes prevention really is the best medicine. Property owners should take steps to keep sidewalks free of hazards, and pedestrians can do their part to remain injury-free. Below are a few tips to prevent a sidewalk accident or fall when walking in New York City.

— Wear seasonally-appropriate footwear with good traction for slick surfaces.

— Avoid running in inclement weather, as it could increase the risk of slipping.

— Consider using a cane in bad weather to give you extra stability.

— If slippery ice or slick leaves are present, try to walk on grass or gravel.

— Keep your hands free to help you stay balanced on slippery surfaces.

— Try to walk in areas with good lighting after nightfall.

While most sidewalk accidents and falls result in only minor injuries or no injuries at all, it’s unwise not to take the dangers seriously. Practicing safe pedestrian behavior in the autumn and winter can save you from broken bones or more severe injuries.

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