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Jogging Safety Risks: New York Personal Injury Attorney

Safety risks for joggers

Jogging is a very popular activity here in New York. Sadly, there are things that could cause what started as a regular jog to turn into a harrowing, and possibly injury-causing, experience for a person.

Safety risks for joggers come in many different varieties. One thing that can endanger a jogger is the sidewalks they are using not being properly maintained. Problems with a sidewalk could cause a person to fall when jogging. For example, if a sidewalk is cracked, a jogger’s foot could catch on the crack, causing them to trip and lose their balance. Such a fall could inflict significant injuries on a jogger. Experienced attorneys can help joggers who were hurt because a sidewalk was negligently maintained with their efforts to hold the parties responsible for the sidewalk’s maintenance accountable for what happened.

Another safety risk a jogger could face is unwanted conduct from another person. One such type of conduct is harassment.

Sadly, it appears that harassment is something many female joggers face. Experiencing harassment some of the time or more often when out running is something 43 percent of women report, a recent survey suggests.

And while male joggers being harassed isn’t as common, it does still happen. According to the survey, experiencing harassment at least some of the time when jogging is something around 4 percent of men face.

In addition to the emotional harm harassment can cause, it could also end up exposing a jogger to physical injuries. For one, harassment could distract a runner, upping the chances of them tripping.

Also, harassment can sometimes lead to the perpetrator taking even more aggressive and malicious action toward a jogger.

What can a jogger do to try to keep safe from unwelcome/malicious conduct by others? There are a variety of things a jogger may find helpful on this front, including:

  • Coming up with an advanced plan for responding to possible safety risks.
  • Knowing the characteristics of the route they are running.
  • Keeping their jogging route away from areas where it would be easy for people to hide.
  • Sticking to well-lit areas.
  • Carrying a whistle with them.
  • Staying off of headphones.
  • Taking a confident posture when running.
  • Using GPS tracking.
  • Calling authorities if they encounter or spot anything suspicious.

What would you add to this list?

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