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Accidents happen, but if an accident happens on someone else’s property due to their negligence or failure to create a safe environment, you may have a case for premises liability. Premises liability cases may include:

  • Slips and falls
  • Tripping incidents
  • Elevator accidents
  • Accidents due to construction defects
  • In-store injuries
  • Apartment building accidents

If you have been injured on someone else’s premises, consult an experienced premises liability lawyer in Baychester to discuss your case and the compensation you may be able to receive. Stores and other facilities in Baychester that are open to the public are required to maintain safe premises with no hazards that could cause harm to a customer. When owners or employees fail to keep their property safe, an injury may occur to visitors, and those property owners are responsible to compensate for those injuries.

The same is true for apartment buildings in Baychester. The landlord is required to keep your property safe for tenants and visitors. When they neglect this responsibility, accidents may occur that can cause serious injury.

Daniella Levi and Associates, P.C. handles all types of premises liability claims, and our team of experienced premises liability lawyers and paralegals are on your side. We’ll help you seek compensation to cover the physical, emotional, and financial burden of an accident on someone else’s premises. Schedule a free consultation today by calling 718-380-7440 or completing our online form. Daniella and Eli are both available for a Zoom or Skype conference call M-F 9-6. We don’t get paid unless you do, and we’ll come to you if you’re unable to come to us due to your injury.

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How Do I Know If I Have a Slip and Fall Claim?
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What To Do Immediately After a Slip, Trip or Fall

In the unfortunate event you find yourself falling after a slip or trip, report the incident. If you are in a retail space or residential building, find a manager or building supervisor. When you cannot find someone, call 911 and report the injury. You should also take pictures of the scene. Some owners will make repairs after the fact to cover up their negligence. Photographs of the hazard may prove crucial to your case.
Avoid This After a Fall

Your first instinct after falling is to get up and exit. Regardless of how you feel immediately following a slip and fall, do not leave the scene without reporting the incident. If the owner or someone in charge offers you money on the spot, do not take it. The offer may help your case as it shows they had knowledge the condition that caused your incident existed.
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Slip, Trip & Fall Accident Questions?

We Have Answers

Do you offer free consultations?

Yes! A free consultation to discuss your case is available either in person, on the phone, or via Zoom. There is no fee to hire us, because we only get paid when we recover compensation for your case.

What are common causes of slip, trip and fall?

In general, slips and trips occur due to a loss of traction between the shoe and the walking surface or an inadvertent contact with a fixed or movable object which may lead to a fall. There are a variety of situations that may cause slips, trips and falls:

  • Raised or broken sidewalk
  • Wet or greasy floors
  • Defective stairs or railings
  • Snow and ice/debris
How long do I have to make a claim for a premises liability case?
The statute of limitations for a premises liability personal injury cases is three years in the State of New York. (1 year and 90 days if the responsible party is a municipality such as the City of New York). In other words, victims of slip, trip, and fall accidents have three years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit against the responsible parties. We encourage you to begin the legal process as early as possible to maximize your chances of being rightfully compensated for your damages. If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident, contact us today to begin the process of filing a personal injury lawsuit to get the compensation you deserve.
I slipped and fell on a wet floor at the grocery store. Should the store have had a wet floor sign out?

Stores have a duty to exercise reasonable care in maintaining a safe shopping environment. Using wet floor signs to indicate slippery floors is one way a store owner and employees can reduce the likelihood of a slip and fall accident. If signs are not posted could be evidence that reasonable care wasn’t taken. To win a case, the victim must show that the store store caused, knew, or should have known about the slippery condition that caused the accident but failed to take appropriate action.

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Why Hire An Attorney After a Slip, Trip or Fall Accident?

Recovering from any injury is difficult. It may necessitate a temporary disruption to your life. You may not be able to work while you seek treatment. In some instances, you may have to find an entirely new profession. If your injury is extreme, you may find yourself permanently unable to resume working and you may face a new normal. When the circumstances that caused your injury were due to another’s neglect, they have to compensate you for it. You need a team on your side who knows what it takes to get the money you deserve. Only a dedicated firm has the knowledge to represent you in the best way possible.
Trust Our Legal Team To Look Out For Your Best Interest

At Daniella Levi & Associates, P.C., we believe in the power of teamwork. Our experts work together to gain the best possible outcome for every client. When you choose us, you can rest assured that you are getting topnotch representation. You will get a dedicated team of professionals who will remain in close personal contact throughout your case. We have met with great success when it comes to fighting for just compensation in slip and fall cases. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients by proving the negligence of property owners and not backing down. Here are some examples of real compensation amounts we’ve secured:

  • $1,190,000 – slip trip and fall on stairs in hotel.
  • $900,000.00 – slip & fall in a car dealership.
  • $800,000.00 – security guard/ slip & fall on ice.
  • $310,000.00 – fall getting off a carousel on a street fair.
  • $740,000 – trip and fall over a drain in a parking lot.

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    Malik D.
  • Daniella Levi and Associates are great lawyers! The monetary judgments and awards they have gotten for difficult cases has been very high…

    Anthony G.
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    About Baychester, New York

    Baychester is located in Bronx County, New York.

    • Population (approx.): 16,000
    • Geo-coordinates: 40.8694°N, 73.8331°W
    • Postcodes: 10469
    Things To do in Baychester
    • St. Stephen’s Methodist Church (near Tillotson Avenue and Kingsland Avenue): A historic Methodist church located in the Marble Hill neighborhood of the Bronx that was built in 1897.
    • Pelham Bay Bridge (near Shore Road and ): A two-track movable railroad bridge that carries the Northeast Corridor (NEC) over the Hutchinson River.
    • Pelham Bridge (near Shore Road and City Island Road): A bascule bridge located in the Bronx that carries Shore Road and a walkway along the downstream side, over the Hutchinson River.
    • Pelham Bay Naval Training Station (near Shore Road and Bartow Pell Circle): A WWI-era US Navy training facility located in Pelham Bay Park’s Rodman’s Neck in the Bronx.
    Transportation in Baychester


    • LaGuardia Airport
    • John F. Kennedy International Airport
    • Westchester County Airport
    • Teterboro Airport

    Light Rail Stations

    • Syosset LIRR Station which is on Jackson Ave, Syosset.
    • Jamaica Station (AirTrain) which is on 93-43 Sutphin Boulevard, New York.
    • Federal Circle Station which is on United States.
    • Port Imperial HBLR Station which is on United States.
    • Bergenline Ave which is on United States.
    • Tonnelle Avenue Station which is on 51st Street, North Bergen.
    • Lincoln Harbor Station which is on United States.
    • Ninth Street/Congress Street Station which is on United States.
    • Hoboken which is on United States.
    • 2nd Street Light Rail Station which is on Jersey City.
    Schools Near Baychester

    Nearby Schools

    • Harry S. Truman High School (Bronx)
    • John Philip Sousa Junior High School (Bronx)
    • St. Catharine Academy
    • Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology
    • New York Institute for Special Education


    • New York University.
    • The City College of New York which is on 160 Convent Avenue, New York.
    • Queensborough Community College which is on 222-05 56th Avenue, Bayside.
    • Hunter College which is on 695 Park Avenue, New York.
    • Queens College, City University of New York which is on 65-30 Kissena Boulevard, Flushing.
    • Manhattan School of Music which is on 130 Claremont Avenue, New York.
    • Purchase College which is on 735 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase.
    • Lehman College which is on 250 Bedford Park Boulevard West, The Bronx.
    • Fordham University Lincoln Center which is on 113 West 60th Street, New York.
    • York College which is on 94-20 Guy R Brewer Boulevard, Jamaica.
    Nearby Towns and Suberbs Baychester

    Nearby Towns and Suburbs

    • Morris Park is 1 mile to the south-west.
    • Van Nest is 2 miles to the south-west.
    • The Bronx is 2 miles to the south-west.
    • Wakefield is 2 miles to the north-west.
    • Pelham Manor is 2 miles to the north-east.
    • Parkchester is 2 miles to the south-west.
    • Mount Vernon is 3 miles to the north.
    • Pelham is 3 miles to the north-east.
    • East Tremont is 3 miles to the south-west.
    • Fordham is 3 miles to the west.
    • New Rochelle is 3 miles to the north-east.
    • Tremont is 4 miles to the west.
    • University Heights is 4 miles to the west.
    • Riverdale is 4 miles to the north-west.
    • Spuyten Duyvil is 4 miles to the west.

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