Black Friday is now just a few days away. This day sees large numbers of shoppers stream to stores throughout the country to do their holiday shopping and to take advantage of the Black Friday specials stores offer.

Now, on Black Friday, finding good deals is not the only thing that is important. So too is staying safe. Given the high volume of shoppers out on Black Friday, that a lot of the shopping on this day happens while it is dark outside, that there can be a lot of potential distractions out there on Black Friday and that this day can give rise to some chaotic situations, some special safety concerns can arise on this shopping day.

There are various things shoppers can do to try to help protect their safety when out shopping on Black Friday. This includes planning their shopping strategy out in advance, staying attentive when out shopping (both when in stores and when out on the roads), sticking to lit areas when it comes to where they park their car and exercising care when walking in store parking lots.

It is also important for stores to take appropriate measures to ensure their premises are a safe environment for Black Friday shoppers. This includes making sure that:

  • Their parking lots and sidewalks are free of hazards that could cause patrons to fall.
  • There aren’t slipping or tripping hazards in the walking areas in the store.
  • Any stairs, elevators or escalators on their premises that are intended for customer use are in proper condition.
  • Their staff, including security staff, have been properly instructed on how to handle the high volume of customers Black Friday can bring.
  • They have an appropriate level of security present.

When stores fail to provide a safe shopping environment, on Black Friday or any other day, and customers are hurt as a result of it, the hurt customers may be able to pursue legal remedies in connection to their injuries.

We wish all shoppers here in New York a safe and successful Black Friday.

Source: WKBW, “Black Friday safety tips,” Bretton Keenan, Nov. 22, 2016