The benefits of taking the stairs

The decisions we make can have some pretty big impacts. This includes decisions that seem, on their face, pretty minor. Take, for example, a decision that comes before many people during the course of a day: whether to take the elevator or use the stairs.

This decision is one that could have implications on one’s overall health. This is because of the potential benefits taking the stairs can have. Opting to take the stairs is one of the ways a person can increase their level of physical activity. And, as a recent study points to, increased physical activity is linked to health benefits.

The study reviewed a couple of health surveys (one looked at the U.S. while the other looked at six countries) and a collection of past studies to look at how rates of certain medical conditions varied among individuals with different levels of physical activity. The study found that increased physical activity was associated with reduced risks for several different types of diseases, including diabetes, stroke, heart disease, colon cancer and breast cancer. And the association with these health benefits was not just present for upped physical activity through formal exercise, but also increased physical activity through everyday actions, like taking the stairs.

So, health reasons are one of the things that may lead a person to stick to the stairs when it comes to traveling between floors. However, it is worth noting that there are certain things that could put a person’s health and safety at risk when they are using the stairs. One is if the stairs haven’t been properly maintained by the property’s owner. Problems with a stairway’s condition could lead to falls or other accidents. So, how property owners act when it comes to maintaining stairways on their premises can have some big implications.

Now, when a person has been hurt in a stairway accident, many decisions can come up for them regarding the pursuit of compensation. This is among the areas where seemingly small decisions can have major ramifications. So, when it comes to compensation matters, victims of stairway accidents may want guidance from experienced premises liability attorneys.

Source: The Augusta Chronicle, “Medicine Today: Improve health by taking the stairs,” Anant Mandawat, Nov. 5, 2016