What can parents do to help keep their child safe on escalators?

Young children may find escalators to be a very exciting way to get from one place to another. However, escalators can pose dangers to kids under certain circumstances. Certain things could put a child at risk of falling or getting caught while on an escalator. Such accidents could severely harm a child.

So, one thing parents might wonder is what they can do to help keep escalator rides a safe experience for their kids. Among the things parents can do to try to reduce the chances of their child getting into an accident while on such a device are:

  • Keeping things like strollers off of escalators.
  • Talking to their kids about safe escalator use. Examples of rules parents may want to set for their kids for escalator use are: always be careful when getting on or off an escalator, always face forward when riding an escalator, always hold the handrail and never touch the escalator’s sides below the handrail.
  • If their kids are young, closely supervising them when they are on an escalator.

Now, there are things that are generally outside of a parent’s control that can impact how safe their kids are during a given escalator ride. One of these is the overall condition of the escalator. This is among the reasons why property owners keeping escalators on their property in good repair is of such great importance. Failures on this front very well could put kids in danger.

Skilled Accident Attorneys can assist parents of children hurt on escalators with navigating legal matters related to the accident, like possible claims against a property owner or other party.

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