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Who Is Liable for an Electrical Accident in the Workplace?

Employees in many industries are at risk of electric shock, utility workers more so at work than others. They often come into contact with frayed cords, damaged wires, and other faulty equipment.

Workers must understand their full legal rights because of how severe the injuries from electrical accidents can be. Assuring maximum compensation is the least you should expect if you suffered an electrical accident at work.

Of course, just because you suffered an electrical accident doesn’t mean you have a valid claim. So let’s take a look at the compensation you’re entitled to below.

Victims of Electrical Accidents May Be Entitled to Workers’ Compensation

In most states, the employer provides workers’ compensation benefits. This is usually the most immediate source of compensation.

On the downside, workers’ comp prohibits the employee from suing after an electrical accident. This makes worker’s compensation the only claim for benefits for an employee. Keep in mind that this solely applies to claims against the employer. The workers’ compensation system doesn’t apply to contractors, subcontractors, or non-employer third parties.

The employer isn’t the only one who can be held responsible for electrical accidents. Let’s analyze this in the below section.
Liability and Claims for Compensation

While the workers’ compensation system prevents workers from suing their employer in most cases, other parties may still be held responsible. Contractors and subcontractors might be liable for your accident as well.

For instance, if a machine caused your accident, you can sue the manufacturer or company responsible for equipment maintenance.

Similarly, you might have a claim if a contractor caused the electric shock. If the electric hazard resulted from said contractor not following regulations, he or she can be held liable for your injuries.

Regardless of the responsible party, an injured worker can make claims to compensate for his or her pain, lost wages, and medical bills. This includes claims for past and future pain and the necessary medical treatment.

What to Do After Suffering an Electrical Injury?

If you were the unfortunate victim of an electrical injury at your workplace, you might be eligible for compensation. You’ll need workers’ comp benefits to support yourself and your family through these difficult times. To ensure you have a valid claim, you need a specialized attorney to assess your case.

At Daniella Levi & Associates, we have dedicated construction lawyers to help you navigate the murky waters of your case. We’ll closely examine the extent of your injuries, the liable parties, and the amount of benefits to which you’re entitled.

Call us today and book a free consultation with our expert construction attorneys.

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